MYO Cabinet Handles

On Monday I told you about the "new" cabinets  I got for my sewing room when my friend remodeled her kitchen.  All I needed to add was the hardware for opening and closing the cabinet doors.

Grandpa and I had priced cabinet knobs at Walmart, and we could have just purchased one of the cheaper kinds of knobs for $1.60 each.  We decided to give the matter some thought before rushing out to buy knobs.

By the way, this taking some time to think about a project is one of the best frugal tips you'll ever receive.  I can't count the times we have come up with a frugal solution to a problem or need that we've had just by holding off on a purchase and taking some time to mull over possible solutions.

I have to admit that this particular idea was Grandpa's, and I love it!  He suggested that I save empty thread spools.  I took this a step further and decided I wanted to use old wooden spools.

Another friend of mine had once given me a huge box full of spools of thread which she had picked up at an auction for a song.  Most of the thread was on plastic spools, but I knew that some of the spools were wooden.

I dug out all of  the wooden spools thinking that I would remove the thread and use the wooden spools for cabinet knobs.

The only problem is that I liked the colors of the thread, and I didn't want to remove it.   It was time to get out the Mod Podge!


I painted each of the spools with the Mod Podge so that the thread would be glued to the spool preventing it from unraveling.

I set them aside to dry.



Here's a picture of the finished knobs on the cabinet doors.  I love the way these look!  I especially love the way they reinforce the sewing room theme.





What do you think?    Do you like this idea?

Here's one last shot of the cutting and storage area in my sewing room.  I love these cabinets and the extra space they give me, and I love the threaded spool knobs on the doors.  The best thing about this whole project is that it was totally free!


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