If you don´t like it…have a bath!

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Yes! In Peru we eat Guinea pigs

              In 2001, I was a newcomer in Děčín a cozy little town situated 120km north of Prague. My 15 month old Son and I were acclimatising to the autum Czech weather having moved from Costa Rica ! ...more

Death becames her

One of the loving memories of my childhood was the presence of my old aunty Blanca Perez-Prado, an old elegant peruvian Lady from Lima. For sure she was very pretty when she was young, you could see on her face even with her best 70´s. She was very vain, she painted her lips in passion red color lipstick and her three hairs of her eyebrows remarked with very dark black crayon. On those times, she used to come to our home almost every day, she will stay all day from morning till night, arrived with her usual „chancayes“ for tea and her newspaper under the arm....more

Here you have my Bra