The Scent of a Woman


Dream Pillow #13- A Wedding Dream


John’s Favorite -Linzer Torte a Desert to Bring to Any Table

    One of John’s favorite deserts is Linzer Torte. I have never had it, but he says, “It is out of this world.” I found this recipe for Linzer Torte on Joy of Baking and thought I would surprise him with it. ...more

Something Blue With a Four Inch Stiletto

Get ready to make a statement with these gorgeous Guess- Blue Patent, pointed-toe pumps. For $79.99 from you’ll not only strut down the isle, but all eyes will be on the four inch silver stiletto heel! ...more

m.henry -A Berry Bliss Time

        I went to Chicago this past week for my nephew’s eight grade graduation and while in town I visited some of my favorite haunts. One of which is m.henry. ...more

1000pillows a wedding dream The Love Story begins…Just like this pillow (see pillow #1) my life is not perfect and it is very rough around the edges. However, I feel that life and God bring you exactly what you need when you need it and God brought me John at a very crucial point in my life. ...more