I'm Kvelling* and Enjoying Nokhes**: May was Jewish American Heritage Month

May was Jewish American Heritage Month. In another era, I might have had the following conversation with my mother: Mom: "It's the last day of May already! Gib zich a shokel!*** Me: "Zorg zich night!**** There's plenty of time to recap all the exciting things that happened." ...more

Great post! I'm glad you highlighted the contributions of American Jewish women. So often we ... more

Weekend Menu Planning: Have You Tried Cooking Quinoa?

Sometimes I sort of feel like a failure as a food blogger, like recently when a reader commented that it would be nice to see more recipes using quinoa. I had to admit to myself that even though I'd had good intentions about quinoa for the last few years, I've only used it once -- and that time I realized I didn't actually know how to cook it. Then, in that very odd way that the internet works, I started seeing interesting-looking quinoa recipes popping up on blogs everywhere. ...more

I've been cooking with quinoa for years. A great recipe to try is quinoa salad from Peter ... more