Blogger Compensation: How Much Is That Sponsored Post Worth?

Many things have changed in the social media landscape since July 2005. But a constant, at least in my little corner, is that social media offers consumers an opportunity to have a voice about the products and services they buy. ...more
IamMizLiz I hear you clearly Liz.  I asked pretty much the same thing and have not heard a ...more

Shining a Light on the Native Advertising Debate

Disclosure: I am Vice President, Influencer Marketing at BlogHer. Advertising and social media marketing programs are a significant source of revenue for my company and for the bloggers in our advertising network. ...more
" let’s take a deep breath and realize that the consumer doesn’t care whether it is paid, owned ...more

Influencers, Brands and Pinterest: Recommended Tactics

Pinterest is top of mind for many marketers these days, and clearly some things are more effective than others. Here are the four ways we recommend for BlogHer influencers to engage with and promote brands on Pinterest. 1. Create a board for a brand on its Pinterest account....more

MUST READ: The FTC Clarifies Their Rules for Bloggers

Is there anything new here for bloggers? Why yes. It’s not a lot but it’s very nice. The .Com Disclosures document includes new examples that will make it easier for people creating sponsored content to comply with the FTC Guidelines, as well as clarity on the proper ways to disclose additional required information about product claims. ...more
You know who you are and you have to live with yourself.✌️ </rant>more

Nothing Is More Convincing To A Woman…

When conversion is mission critical, no source is better than blogs. Our 2012 Social Media Matters study reveals that online media delivers more than function. It also inspires women, builds deeper trust, and promises better conversion. As social media mainstreams, women's motivations splinter and the threat of being overwhelmed increases -- but content is consistent. ...more

The Perfect Gift: Turtle Beach Headphones

As the mother of an 11-year old boy, I already appreciate a good pair of headphones. The headsets and headphones -- of various shapes and sizes -- that we have in the house have saved me from listening to endless Minecraft parody videos, more than a few anime TV shows downloaded from Netflix and any number of Nintendo DS sound effects.Except that I think the ante is about to be upped in our gaming world. My son has started playing his Wii games again, and just before Christmas asked if we could get an XBox. Apparently there is a desirable game that is only available on Xbox....more
Each of my sons received a pair for Christmas. I know nothing about the product though. :)more

Lessons Learned from ConAgra/Ketchum Sotto Terra Event

I'm back! You had to know I would not be able to resist commenting on the ConAgra/Ketchum "Sotto Terra" blogger events in New York last month that went so horribly, tragically wrong. So wrong that the fallout made it to the pages of the New York Times. Ouch. ...more
Whitney - indeed. Knowing your audience is critical. Wanting an audience -- in this case foodies ...more

Come Panic About Babies with Fussy, Finslippy and BlogHer in Portland, Seattle and the Bay Area April 5-10th

BlogHer is sponsoring the West Coast leg of the book tour for Let's Panic About Babies by Alice Bradley (Finslippy) and Eden Kennedy (Fussy). We start in Portland, Oregon on April 5; move up to Seattle on April 6; and then down to the San Francisco Bay Area April 8, 9 and 10. Alice and Eden will be doing book signings and readings at independent book stores, and we'll have no-host blogger meet-ups in nearby pubs and restaurants before and/or after the signings....more

What a cool tour -- making me wish I lived on the West Coast.

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When Your Job Turns You into a Temporary Single Parent

My husband has been coming down every couple weeks and taking Doug skiing up north. Which was tough the first time, but a lot easier the second, when I actually enjoyed my day and a half on my own. My mom and brother come down to visit about once a month, and now that the weather is getting better, we’ll be taking day trips to finish packing up the MA house to get it on the market. So, I’m somewhat sort of single right now, but I’m getting to be a full time mom and that’s worth everything to me. ...more

What I got from your piece is that being a mom, single or otherwise, is simply the hardest job ...more

Scottish Deerhound Wins Best in Show at Westminster Dog Show

By now, anyone who follows dogs knows that the Scottish Deerhound won Best In Show at the Garden last night. And today Hickory and her handler will make the rounds -– the Today Show, Empire State Building and lunch at Sardi’s among the stops on the Westminster winner’s itinerary. Westminster is one of a few times each year that a mass audience takes a peek into the often confusing sport of Conformation. And I suspect that many of the TV watching fans don’t realize how special Westminster is. Not only because it is the “Super Bowl” of dog shows -- an apt if somewhat simplistic comparison. ...more

My father was a veterinarian and he had a handful of clients who bred dogs for show. It takes ...more