"Religious" doesn't mean Christianity

Several days ago another writer on GoodReads told me about what sounds like a great idea:  donate some of my books to a charity asking for them for a literacy program.   ...more
@like2read And here I thought this was the country of diversity, freedom, and the absence of ... more

"Religious" doesn't mean Christianity

Several days ago another writer on GoodReads told me about what sounds like a great idea:  donate some of my books to a charity asking for them for a literacy program.   ...more
I received a followup email from the aforementioned literacy project regarding whether or they ... more

Which Wild Animals Have You Spotted in Your Own Backyard?

Spring has almost sprung and that means it's time to start spotting the "critters" that might be visiting your backyard. Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or out in the country, there's always a chance to get in touch with your inner Ellie May and witness the wonder of our furred and feathered friends. Spotting wildlife helps us recognize that the environment is healthy and functioning....more
This winter I've seen THREE kinds of animals at my bird feeder I've never seen at a bird feeder ... more

Fat, Thin, Healthy - Which is it?

Society says that thin people are fit people. I'm not talking 'healthy', I'm talking 'fit'. You can argue if you want, but you know it is true. All those health and fitness magazines don't have large size models. But, many of us DO know that a larger person isn't necessarily an unhealthy person just as being thin doesn't make you healthy or physically fit. ...more
I experienced this when I had migraine medicine-induced anorexia.  When I lost 40 lbs (from a ... more

When Public Breastfeeding Goes Too Far

I can assure you that my nursing adventures never, EVER garnered accusations of "sexualizing breastfeeding!" My bra size went from a 34B to a 38L. When the boob buffet closed, I was at a loss. Truth be told, I still miss it. When I see a nursing mother, I don't think "look at that smokin' hot breast" or "how dare she show her ladies in public!?!?" I sadly think, "I will never breastfeed a baby again." Maybe I have breastfeeding PTSD?...more
I agree with the comment that it was WITHDRAWAL you were experiencing with your breast feeding. ... more

Have You Ever Traveled Outside Your Home Country?

Have you ever traveled outside your home country for business or vacation?  I just recently returned from a long-awaited dream vacation to Ireland and England.  It was paid for by a carefully budgeted tax return, and I bought my ticket months ago so I couldn't change my mind.  Most of the sites I visited while there included travelers from all over the world, including the U.S., Australia, France and Germany....more
I love Canada.  I have not been there since 9/11 when the border crossing rules changed, but I ... more

Romney Loves Big Bird -- While Vowing to Kill Him!

During the presidential debate tonight Mitt Romney proudly proclaimed, "I love Big Bird" while also complimenting PBS' contributions to our society -- including "The News Hour."But the other half of his sentence vowed to end government subsidies to public television.That means no more Big Bird. No more Sesame Street, no more Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, no more "News Hour"... the list goes on and on....more
Huffington Post interviewed the president of PBS regarding Romney's comments: ... more

Do We Still Need PBS?

In fact, New Hampshire and Virginia and other states are in the process of dismantling their public television systems. Idaho is in the discussion process with the governor actively wanting to shut it down. On the federal level are two proposed bills to eliminate funding for National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It comes down to money, politics and resources. ...more
I love PBS.  In an era where corporate interests too much dictate the information we see, PBS ... more

What Is a Fair Price for an E-Book?

There is much debate on what is a good price for ebooks. Many people think they are getting ripped off if they pay more than $1.99 for an ebook and really prefer to pay $0.99 or less.  The argument is generally, “It takes no money to produce an ebook so I should get it cheap, or free.”...more
I just published my first book about a month and a half ago using SmashWords and CreateSpace. ... more

What Do You Really Know About Pagans?

It occurs to me that there is a group of people whose faith is mentioned at this time of year but we gloss over it and head for the mall instead. Pagans. People complain about the commoditization of the holidays. Some folks invoke the word “pagan” but what the heck do any of us know about the faith? We know that there are elements of some holiday activities that have been appropriated/stolen from Pagan practices. ...more

I am very glad to see something positive written about pagans from a non-pagan on a blog. ... more