Life Goal: Do Not Be Betty Draper Francis

Last night’s Mad Men was awwwwwkard. I can’t even possibly count on my fingers and my toes how many times I cringed and squirmed for poor Don Draper as he sat in the offices of SC&P. But the funny thing is, as far as the stickiness of the episode goes, it was all Betty Draper Francis: Motherlast night. ...more
I had a very similar reaction to Mad Men this week. I will join you in your goal of not being ... more

Food Trends: Please Step Away From the Poutine

I appreciate a good food trend. I'm happy for the one introduced me to quinoa, which is now a staple in our house. I watched the cake batter-flavored everything trend with amusement. I was thrilled when I found coconut oil for a really good price at a local grocery store so I could find out what was so magical about it. But everyone has their food-trend breaking point though and I have reached mine. Food trend lovers everywhere, step away from the poutine....more
My problem isn't the substance of poutine it's that the name reminds me of the movie Pootie ... more

10 More Bloggers Share their BlogHer '13 Moments

What's the one thing I've been seeing time and time again in the recap posts from our BlogHer '13 attendees? Mention of connection in one way or another. Sometimes it's hard won. Sometimes it's a reminder that good people still exist. Sometimes it's about our readers, or our own family members, or ourselves and our writing. But connections were made this year. ...more
I haven't written a full recap (lazy), but I did write about the surprisingly strong reaction I ... more

What Twitter Took Away From BlogHer ’13

I blinked once and then BlogHer '13 was over. I don't know how every panel, every keynote, every workshop, every meal, every interaction, every party passed by so quickly, but here we are on Monday morning, trying to remember what we learned. I'm here to help, even though I'm clutching my cup of coffee closely. I'm bringing you links to liveblogs and relevant tweets today so you can check them out, refresh your mind and maybe learn something new. You're welcome!...more
What a great way to get takeaways from sessions we missed and be reminded of key points from ... more

Announcing: Birds of a Feather Lunch on Friday at BlogHer '13

BlogHer is just over a week away (GULP) and we know that your excitement is about as strong as your nerves right now. Meeting your online friends and collegaues IRL is both amazing and terrifying, and we'd like to help you get get by with a little help from your friends....more
Niche-less BlogHers? more

Addicted to Blog Stats

Blog stats are addictive.  You start out just checking them to see where people are coming from, marveling at how people as far away as the Ukraine are finding your little American blog.  You're excited by whatever traffic you're getting, figuring that it will grow by leaps and bounds the longer you keep writing. But at some point, you start getting frustrated with whatever number your page views happens to be.  And you start wondering about other people's stats, imagining them higher than your own.  And then, finally, you enter a stage where you are hitting refresh every few minutes, anxiously awaiting each visitor. ...more
Thanks for sharing my post. It's a timely reminder to me since my most recent post has started ... more

Girls Are More Delicate -- and Other Wrong Ways to Teach Boys Respect

The little boys at our local playground have two games that they like to play. One is chase and shoot, a thrilling adventure that involves running at top speed while making machine gun noises and slashing through the air with imaginary swords. The other game goes like this: One boy falls down, the other boy jumps on top of him, a third boy completes the sandwich and then all kinds of grappling ensues. The latter game is awesome to watch and I often have to refrain from coaching. (Grab his arm, roll to the left, now get on top, get on TOP! Yes!)...more
Agreed. I try to be careful when I warn my son about rough housing with his sister that I say it ... more

Did Feminism Say Women Could Have It All? Not Really

Can women – or men, for that matter – have it all? As a hope-to-one-day-be-a-working-mom, I’m wading into this Internet debate. I just can’t help myself. Aside from my firm conviction that “having it all” is an objectionable phrase that should have been retired almost as soon as it came into fashion, I also find this ongoing conversation to be, well, how can I put this? Silly. Not because there’s not a problem here – there is – but because the “solutions” proposed by the parade of working-mothers in glossy magazines are inadequate and incomplete. ...more
I don't believe that anyone, woman or man, can "have it all." At least not at one time. I always ... more

The World's Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Tater Tots and Chorizo Included

Editor’s note: Malcolm from From Away has done it once again. He’s come up with an insanely awesome dish that I can’t stop thinking about. Think Mexican chorizo, tater tots, habanero cheddar cheese, and pickled jalapeños, and you’ve got the makings of the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich. Seriously. --Jane ...more
This is madness. Beautiful, beautiful madness. I want one right now! more

How to Be Professional

What does it mean to be professional? That term is open to interpretation. When you're first out of school, however, you're not quite sure what to do. Here's a great list of 40 harsh realities and best practices to help you be more professional (or at least fake it) from Kim Z Dale on Listing Toward Forty. ...more
@30ishMom I wish everyone would post this in their offices. more