Do Tell: Twilight vs. True Blood! Tell Us Which Vampire Series You Prefer to Win Both Sets of Books

It must be Vampire Season. Last month, Charlaine Harris released Dead in the Family, the tenth novel in Sookie Stackhouse series -- the basis for the series True Blood. ...more

I just can't do Twilight. I tried to read the first book but barely made it past the first ... more

Aiming Low: Laughing When Life Sucks

Track:  personal-identity We believe laughter heals, or at the very least makes it less embarrassing when we do something really stupid.  We believe that being the first to admit a mistake gives us the power to do it better next time.  We believe in friendship. We believe in writing our way through life's little speedbumps and major roadblocks....more

Wouldn't DREAM of missing being at this session with my gals.


RIP Tori: Victoria Stafford's Remains Found

On July 15 Victoria Stafford would have turned nine years old. She should have had a party with cake and streamers. But that didn't happen for Tori Stafford. Instead, four days after her birth date her body was found by Ontario Provincial Police three and a half months after she went missing. Det. Insp. William Renton confirmed earlier today that the remains found over the weekend are Tori's. ...more

I've been watching the news daily for word that Tori's remains had been found and now that ... more

How are you celebrating Canada Day?

We're currently undecided. If the rain holds off (unlikely but there's always hope...) we will probably head to the local agricultural museum (aka The Farm) for some old-time fun like potato sack and three-legged races. Then we'll head down to the lake and watch one my husband's coworkers perform with his band. If it rains we have no idea. Maybe we'll watch Strange Brew and call each other hosers. ;-) How are you celebrating Canada's birthday this year? Fireworks? Bbq? Rock concert? Are you heading out to a parade or maybe even heading to the big event at Parliament Hill?

Digging the Dirt: Watering Concerns

I read it on a friend's FB page: Now that the plants are all in the ground - they have to be watered too! Is there no end to this project?... No we don't have automatic sprinklers - entire yard, all watered by hand. While it's better to plan watering before a project is begun, many of us run into problems with watering our landscaping during the heat of summer.  Automatic systems can break, watering by hand can be inefficient.  Worse, our water district may inform us of watering restrictions which mean cutting the watering to a minimum. ...more

This morning I was reading an article in the New York Times about the ... more

Let's have a Toronto-area pre-BlogHer meet-up in June...who's in?

BlogHer '09 in Chicago is less than 75 days away (!!!!) and we thought it would be great to do an official BlogHer pre-conference meet-up here in Toronto. Now before you say "Oh well, I'm not going to BlogHer this year so I might as well skip this post" - DON'T! This get together is open to both people attending and not attending BlogHer '09 and heck, we just wanted an excuse to get together. Whether you're going to BlogHer or not, you like hanging out with other bloggers, right? You wouldn't be skulking around this group otherwise, right? SO COME ON DOWN.

Women Writing In The Age Of Britney: Pop Culture & Gossip & Feministy Stuff, Oh My

How many of us have written posts about Octo-Mom? Sarah Palin? Tina Fey? The Twilight series? Lost? BRITNEY? Even if you don't write for a pop-culture or gossip blog, you've probably, at some point or another, written something that touches on the defining (or disturbing) moments in popular culture. And if you haven't written about it, you've almost certainly read about it. You've probably got at least one pop culture/gossip/entertainment website bookmarked, right? So let's talk about it. ...more

With Olivia Newton John singing in my head, no doubt.


Polytechnique: The Montreal Massacre Movie

There are certain words and phrases that stop you in your tracks. When I hear the words "Montreal Massacre" I am flooded with emotions. Anger. Fear. Grief. Overwhelming sadness. On December 6, 1989 a man walked into Montreal's L'École Polytechnique and looked for women to kill. Every year on December 6, Canadians remember the fourteen women that he murdered. We remember because, as Her Bad Mother put it so well, it was the day someone came to kill all the women. So when I see the words "Montreal Massacre" followed by the words "film" or "movie", yeah, it kind of floors me. ...more

I had a similar reaction a few years ago when that film was made about Karla Homolka.  Is it ... more

Difficulty Coping With Family During The Holidays? JOIN THE CLUB

My most memorable family-related Christmas disaster came courtesy of my mother-in-law, the very first year that my husband and I were married. She flew across the country to spend the holidays with us, and then proceeded to spend the entirety of her stay reminding me that I was in no way caring for my husband adequately. The nadir of whole experience came Christmas Day, after I had spent the day slaving over a turkey dinner. I had set the table, put out the food, poured champagne into everyone’s glasses and invited my mother-in-law to toast the meal. Which she did. ...more

As Chris Rock so eloquently put it, "Nobody hates like family!"


Announcing the Dates and Location for BlogHer '09, our 5th Anniversary Conference!

Today we are pleased and proud to announce the theme, dates and location for BlogHer '09, our fifth annual conference. ...more

I'm also a little disappointed that Chicago is the location for the conference again so soon ... more