The Purple Marigold

There’s this boutique in town called the Purple Marigold. How stupid of a name is that, I mean who has ever heard of a marigold that is purple? I hate that store and the manager, she’s such a bitch. I mean, you just look at her and KNOW she’s a bitch....more

How to Be Stylish on a Budget

The most popular question I receive is how to be stylish and look great when you don’t have a lot of money. I don’t believe that money equals style. Think of style like a college education. Jane gets a full scholarship to State U, Sara’s parents fund her entire four years at the same college, and Amy works full-time and takes classes when her schedule and budget permits....more

What I Wore: reality

Is it True Refinery 29, CAN Every Body Wear Shorts?

The other morning, Refinery 29 sent out their e-newsletter with the headline, “10 killer outfits that prove ANYONE can wear shorts.” Well with that headline, you’re going to have this soft curvy size 12/14 gal click to read more!...more
at the end of june an article came out listing pretty much every cool trend that only certain ...more

Personal Style: Starting from Scratch

This past weekend I spoke at an event where I discussed closet organization and using that to hone your personal style. I pretty much shared what I have shared before on this blog; at the end of my talk I opened the floor to questions and a woman asked one I that I actually receive quite often....more

Lesson Learned: Blogging on My Terms

2012 was a pretty intense year. My blog got bigger, and quickly.  Bigger brands were contacting me, I was getting regular emails from companies wanting to advertise with me, and Icouldn’t keep up with the reader comments and feedback that was flooding in. It was exciting, it was exhilarating, it was overwhelming, and somewhere during all that drama I lost my way. ...more

Updating Classics With Fall Trends

I really promote having a closet of wardrobe classics here at Wardrobe Oxygen, but I think it’s also important to add zest to your sartorial staples with seasonal trends that catch your fancy. This fall, there are so many trends that are extremely wearable and can really add interest to your wardrobe classics. Here’s a few of this season’s trends that I think will update all the basics in your closet! ...more
I love wine colored lips so I can't wait to start using all those lipsticks again more for the ...more

What To Wear: Interviews, Conferences, Business Trips

After years in different jobs in the corporate arena, I have learned to create a staple career wardrobe. These are pieces that are versatile, work with one another, and have me ready for whatever my job throws my way. Below, I address three common work situations and what to wear for each. You’ll see that I reuse the same pieces –- there’s no need to have an enormous wardrobe to be stylish and professional. If you shop smart, knowing when to invest and when to budget, you can have a hard-working career wardrobe that will support you through all work experiences....more

Under Pressure

For a while this past spring, I decided I was okay with the idea of having another baby. I wanted Emerson to have a sibling, a playmate, and to learn how to share and work together and have patience with a little brother or sister. And then that feeling passed. ...more

About five years ago, before we were married, my husband and I agreed we only wanted one child. ...more

Breaking Fashion Rules - Patent Leather and Suede

Dear Allie, I see you wearing your black patent leather Mary Janes all winter long – I was told that patent leather is a material that should only be worn in warmer months. I am from New England, maybe the rule is different in the South?...more