My view from the finish line

In December, my husband Chris ran the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's Marathon.    ...more

Do you love your vacuum?

Vacuuming is big business in my house. We vacuum every day. This is not an exaggeration. If I don't vacuum the downstairs by the time my husband gets home, he does it. The upstairs gets vacuumed at least once, or twice, a week. So, vacuuming is a big deal. Almost six years ago, when we got married, we chose a canister vacuum. Before we purchased it,I did my due diligence in research. At the time, we lived in a one-story, all-wood-floors home. From my research, canisters are the best vacuums for hard-surface flooring. Today, the vacuum is slowly falling apart....more

can you come to my house once you are finished? Your home must be immaculate! I only vacum once ...more

How I ZipList It

Do any of you use It's a free web site, browser add-on and iphone app that allows you to save recipes and them add them to a grocery list. I first learned of it on When you're looking at one of her recipes, you'll see the Add to Shopping List link. This automatically adds the recipe to your recipe box on ZipList, once you create an account. ...more

Meal Planning: How to Make it Easy and Affordable

Over the last few weeks, I've had several conversations with different people about meal planning, and I thought I would share how I make it work. ...more

We make a menu for the week and stick to it. I find that baking a chicken is a great way to ...more

Scorpio for Life

I have a new Zodiac sign apparently. Or in my case, two. These "new" date are explained pretty well in this article. ...more

The Car Wash Incident

Yesterday I washed my car in one of those drive-through, automatic car washes. I had just gotten gas, and I selected to add in a car wash.  ...more

Why I broke up with Google Reader

I admit it. I've been using Google Reader for more than a year now.  ...more