Are your testimonials older than your kids?

When was the last time you updated your rave reviews? I do, and today I received a wonderful testimonial that I will use to close a few open ended deals. This testimonial is fresh, credible and speaks of the value and benefits of working with me. Some people are still surviving on decade old testimonials, some times people want to see some fresh results, I know I do when it comes to working with someone. What you did for “John Doe” back in 1990 is not as credible for what you have done for “Jane Doe” in 2008 or 2009. Testimonials are crucial for your business....more

Keeping information updated, including testimonials, is important. So is blogging regularly (or ...more

Vision Boards: Are you a Chicken or an Eagle?

When is the last time you put your vision on paper. I am not talking about a 30-page business plan or the hottest self-improvement seminar that you went to and had to fill out a questionnaire or assessment. I am talking elementary school. Taking glue, pictures, colors and phrases and placing your vision on a board. This concept known as a Vision Board is a visual explorer. ...more