When Public Breastfeeding Goes Too Far

I can assure you that my nursing adventures never, EVER garnered accusations of "sexualizing breastfeeding!" My bra size went from a 34B to a 38L. When the boob buffet closed, I was at a loss. Truth be told, I still miss it. When I see a nursing mother, I don't think "look at that smokin' hot breast" or "how dare she show her ladies in public!?!?" I sadly think, "I will never breastfeed a baby again." Maybe I have breastfeeding PTSD?...more
BWAH HA HA! I felt just like you when I met Joy the Baker at Camp Blogaway last year. Luckily, I ... more

35 Resources to Help You Get Organized

Everyone needs a list of go-to tools to help them with the important things in their lives. Getting organized is no different. As we wrap up this year in Life Well Lived, I wanted to leave you with (in no particular order) my favorite resources that help me get sanely organized, including some I've created and hope you'll find useful. A few are probably things you have heard of before, but hopefully you will also find a some new resources to add to your list, and to your life. Enjoy!Products:...more
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Michelob ULTRA Light Cider Promotion

We gave a whole lot of thirsty bloggers some Michelob ULTRA Light Cider to try and share what they thought about it.You can read their reviews by clicking on the links in the sidebar on the right. ...more
I have tried this and it's delicious! I blogged about it and our road trip to the Petrified ... more

Getting Past Internet Snarking (or, My Crooked Teeth Made a Stranger Puke)

The bizarre thing is that though we’re incredibly critical of women’s natural imperfections, we can be twice as brutal in criticizing women who go about trying to fix them. If I HAD gotten my teeth fixed and that picture was of me with perfectly white and straight teeth, I just have this feeling that I could have just as easily been criticized for looking fake (And if not that, then I’m certain it would have been something, because they also convinced themselves that a stray strand of hair from my bangs stuck to my cheek was an eyebrow down to my chin). ...more
Your teeth look great and I really LOVE your cute save the date idea! Don't let those anonymous ... more

Ten Ways to Organize Your Papers - Online and Offline

I hear it over and over again from just about everyone I talk to about getting organized. “Help me get rid of my paper clutter. Help me organize the papers I have so I can find them when I need them.” What I have found is that people think this is much harder to do than it actually is. Often they have such difficulty overcoming their inertia that they never even attempt to organize their papers. And once they add in the virtual clutter on their computers just the thought of organizing makes them reach for the aspirin. ...more
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Spring Cleaning in 10 Minutes a Day

It's that time of year again -- time for spring cleaning! If you're like me, this annual ritual strikes fear and dread in your heart. Does spring cleaning seem like the Mt. Everest of housekeeping tasks? A challenge only a few have undertaken successfully? Don't worry, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be scary, but it is something we should all do. It's not just about cleaning blinds and sweeping baseboards, though doing these things is great. You can also use spring cleaning as a prompt to schedule household maintenance and service checks that will prevent problems down the line. ...more
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Knorr Four™ Recipe Contest

UPDATE 9/6: Meet the Knorr Four™ and enter to win a Knorr prize pack! ...more

I've received terrific feedback to my yummy Homestyle Mayonnaise: ... more

The Buffoon!

Over the holiday season my mother dragged me to every mall and outlet store within the city limits of Edmonton. It was busy, over-crowded, and I felt the energy being sucked from me under the neon mall  lights.  My mother on the other hand was a deal hunting matriarch on the loose and there was no stopping her....more

I'd be furious if this happened to me. I love that your mom was ready to "clip him in the ear". ... more

I'm Not a Clever Candy Bar Stasher

When you started living on your own, did you ever do anything stupid? Like, really, really stupid? I did (and not just in the "dated a LOSER" way, although I certainly did that too!) And Sexy Nerd is never going to let me forget it. Geez, I was stupid. Perhaps I'm not the only one though. Let me ask you a question......more

After this, I decided my best bet was to eat all my chocolate ASAP :) more

Smiles brighten mornings. Toaster Strudel brings the smiles. Tell us how you brighten your family's day for a chance to win $1,000!

Smiles brighten mornings and Pillsbury Toaster Strudel frozen pastries can help you bring the smiles! In just minutes you can make your kids smile by serving them a warm, bakery-fresh pastry that they can decorate! ...more

My dogs are my kids. I make them smile by tucking them into their bed before leaving for work in ... more