Smartphones - Productivity Tool or Time-Suck?

I admit it. I must be the only techie person left on the planet who doesn't have a smartphone. I have a cell-phone, I've texted, and I've even accessed the Internet from my tiny, tiny phone for a desperate sports score check or weather scoop when traveling, but I don't have a shiny smartphone. Why? I haven't decided yet if it would be a productivity tool for my business or a simple, expensive, time-suck. ...more

Thanks to the BlackBerry Bold, I'm no longer reduced to talking on the phone....Like an ... more

Grandmothers Missing Grandmothers: If Only I Could Recreate the Lost Soup Recipe

My maternal grandmother, who was called "Mother" by everyone in our family, passed away a few years ago.  For the last thirty or so years of her life, everyone who could gathered at her home for dinner on Wednesday nights.  Every Wednesday night.  In her last years, my aunts and cousins took over the cooking and prepared dinner. ...more

My Brother the Chef has been re-creating many of my late grandmother's recipes, and I've been ... more