naked jen

Evangelist of the organic, Activist for the earth, Devotee of the canine,... read more

naked jen


Evangelist of the organic, Activist for the earth, Devotee of the canine, Advocate of the naked, Connoisseur of the cinematic, and Defender of the uninsured.

Which are all big, fancy buzz words for what we all should really be doing: living. And living is what NakedJen does exceptionally well. Experience and success in software start-ups, global marketing firms, social media outlets, and organic food businesses, NakedJen knows how to take an idea, swish it around for a good bit of time, let it rise, and turn it into something that will change the world.

More than knowing the nuts, bolts, checklists, and action items necessary for large tasks, NakedJen teaches something much more intricate. She helps others to find that idea from inside the deepest part of their soul, teaches them the tools to bring that idea to reality, and gives them the encouragement to set it into motion. And for good measure? NakedJen knows the secret to any good movement is glitter, and she shares it freely with those bold enough to ask.

Believing the world changes globally when worlds change in one’s own soul, NakedJen is an advocate for a vegan diet, holistic health, Indie films, and loving every part of the body you’ve been given. As mom to Buddha and Stella, she knows with every fiber of her being that dogs can cure a multitude of ills. Finally, NakedJen knows your voice is the best avenue you have for change and encourages you to find it, summon it, and use it to right the wrongs you see.

Especially if you use it in a parade. With floats. And lots of your own glitter.