The BlogHer '13 Fashion Show Is Ready to Rock the Runway: Meet the Models

Last year, BlogHer introduced what immediately became the next BlogHer tradition: the BlogHer Fashion Show. As we announced last month, the Fashion Show will once again anchor our Saturday evening festivities to close out BlogHer '13.I like to describe the Fashion Show "like a visual Voices of the Year, only set to pumping music and in hot shoes." Our goal is to walk (really WALK) the talk about owning our beauty, each and every one of us....more
I won't be there in person, but I will be there in spirit, cheering all of these amazing, ... more

Nie Asks: Show Me Your Favorite Photo Today

What's your favorite photo today? ...more
I took this photo of my brother and his wife on Friday. This is just one month after he had two ... more

Social Media and Tragedy: What BlogHer Does and Why

When disaster and/or tragedy strikes, BlogHer makes this call: Discontinue any scheduled or auto-sharing; discontinue unrelated tweeting, Facebooking, pinning, plussing, and more. Including headlines from all our many topic areas. Including promotional sharing for brand campaigns. We shut it down. And when we shut it down, we alert every BlogHer employee that we've done so, so every individual can be mindful about what they choose to share themselves....more
@Diane Lang Yes. I so love our community. more

Kona Ironman: Behind The Scenes

Ever dream of competing in an Ironman? How about the mother of all Ironmen – Kona? If so, join me for a behind-the-scenes look at all the prep, training, and craziness that goes into one of the greatest endurance races ever....more
My friend Rachelle is doing that today. She's AMAZING, I'm so proud of her!! more

Join Me and More BlogHers on the Ricki Lake Show Today!

This morning I got up at the crack of early to head down to Los Angeles and join 15 other Los Angeles-based BlogHer community members at a taping of The Ricki Lake Show. We're going to be talking about the power of social media: its power to change our individual lives, and its power to help us all change the world.It's one of my favorite topics, natch....more
Really bummed I had to cancel. I will be thinking of you all and following along on twitter!  more

American Idol Finale: Who Cares About the Winner Let's Talk About Ace Young

TELL ME YOU SAW THAT. Oh, friends I hope you were watching because nothing can fully communicate to you how incredibly, jaw-droppingly, stomach-turningly awkward it was to watch a luscious locked [Idol season five finalist] Ace Young take a knee on national television and propose to [season three runner-up] Diana Degarmo. What followed was a whirlwind of awkward "to camera" professions of shock and excitement and Mickey-and-Mallory twanged shrieks of "OH BABY!"...more
It was the worst proposal I've ever seen. The dramatic pauses when he asked the question, her ... more

The Safety of Sleepovers: I Don't Trust Parents Outside My Circle

Sleepovers have become a thorn in my parental-side. Not actually HAVING them... but letting my children GO to them. Or NOT. And considering what has come to light with politician Michael Gardner... I just want to add my 2 cents about the famed childhood tradition: The Sleepover. Our family is very careful. And I am sure many families are. Though I am always a little knocked to the side when an authentic invite comes when I've not met the parents or have no idea what the inside of their home looks like. ...more
I made the mistake of letting my daughter sleep over a friend's house when she was only 5. And ... more

A Woman In Social Media Who Stands For All Women

I think every once in a while, all women should step out and do something they think they might get in trouble for, and that's what I'm going to do right now....more
Lisa has changed my life in very profound way. I love and respect her so much. This was ... more


beautifully told. I love this. more

Leave a Comment Now to Donate a Book to a Child in Need (Really!)

BlogHer and BookRenter, a company that rents textbooks to college students, have joined forces because we know that books makes a difference. Help us meet our goal of 1,000 books donated -- we're not there yet! ...more

This comment thread reminds me that I need to read more books. more