I Have to Tell My Muslim Kids That Some People Are Going to Hate Them

Donald Trump's comments about banning Muslims from the U.S. make me truly grateful that I live in a country that has a comparatively high acceptance and appreciation for diversity.  Of course there is the random incident that occurs to remind me that some people are always going to hate me for being brown.  And Muslim.  Like a lady in the mall. We both were not watching where we were walking and bumped into each other....more
Thanks for the reminder to talk with my son about how to behave if he ever sees this kind of ... more

5 Great Tools for Curating Blog Content

Information on the Internet moves so quickly that it's easy for your list of links to share and posts to read to look like the bottom of your purse: a place that your hand scrapes and quickly retracts from as it feels the mess. ...more
I'm going to check out Pocket.  I struggle with wanting to save things for later when I'm on my ... more

How Sharing Others' Work Helps Your Brand

When you share content online, you're telling your audience something about yourself. This December, BlogHer University will focus on content curation – that is, choosing what to share and understanding how to share it to grow your own online brand. ...more
I am so excited about this! more

What's a 'Sleepunder'? (You'll Be So Glad When You Find Out!)

For her sixth birthday, my daughter wanted a sleepover party. She envisioned a 15-hour (at a minimum) gathering that would be filled with friends, hijinks, Frozen sing-alongs, and lots of ice cream. She saw it as first-grader Nirvana; I saw it as the longest night of my life (which is saying a lot considering I was in labor with her brother for 36 hours). Where she saw fun, I saw girls not sleeping or, better yet, kids waking up at 2 a.m. with tearful entreaties to be returned home. ...more
Oh. my. yes.  You are so clever! more

It's International Podcast Day! What Are Your Favorite Podcasts?

September 30th is International Podcasting Day. I love podcasts! I listen to them in the car and out on runs. Most of these podcasts are focused toward endurance and outdoor sports -- running, triathlons, climbing -- but I also have a bunch of non-exercises podcasts, too. To celebrate International Podcasting Day, here are my favorites for 2015! Let me know YOUR favorite podcasts in the comment section below. ...more
Mystery Show is great!  I also like Show About Race. more

Open Letter to Writers Who Think Diversity Is Hurting White Authors

Why supporting diverse writers doesn't take away from more privileged authors. ...more
Thanks so much for writing this!  And I really enjoyed the first Prophecy book. :) more

3 Total Must-Haves If You're Trying to Win the 'Organized Parent' Award

So, we're here again, huh? Back to school. Back to the hustle. Back to the juggling act we parents take on whenever September sidles up beside us, talking 'bout, "May the Force be with you." And then you're like, "The cold never bothered me anyway." And Sept. chuckles and says, "Go ahead, make my day." And then you roll your eyes and shout, "Rosebud!" before remembering that you need to quit trading movie lines with the month of September and dive into packing those godforsaken lunches. But not before whispering, snidely, "How do you like them apples?" and cackling all the way to the kitchen. Yeah, no. Me neither. ...more
The cord tucks into that charger?  I may have to trade up. more

Achieving Long-Term Blogger Happiness: The #BlogHerFood15 Saturday Morning Keynote

#BlogHerFood15 is just over two months away, so the announcements are going to be coming fast and furious. We are planning for a best-of-the-best #BlogHerFood this year, and the Saturday morning keynote will be a big part of that....more
Are we sure it's safe to have that many smart people on one stage?! more

5 Graphic Novels That Belong on Summer Reading Lists

Ah, summer!  When students all over America break free of their desks and high-tail it to the pool. For about five seconds, until their summer reading lists appear and ruin everything. Now let’s be real. Even as a kid I loved to read, but summer reading lists were a burden all the same. It wasn’t fun reading. Sure, I liked some of the books I was exposed to, but so many more were dry or hard to focus on when I really just wanted to get back outside. ...more
American Born Chinese is wonderful, and I have enjoyed March, especially the second volume.  El ... more

Mom, When Can I Start Saying 'Crap'?

"Mom?" said my 9-year-old Sophie, looking up from her iPad game and glancing over at me with her big, brown eyes and a sheepish grin on her face. "What's up?" I asked, girding myself for a request I would not want or be able to fulfill. "Can I start using the word crap?" Her sheepish grin was still glued to her face. ...more
This is so interesting to see how other families have handled this!  We've told our 7 year old ... more