These Folks Can't Attend #BlogHer16: Want To Purchase Their Passes?

Submissions of Ticket Transfers for #BlogHer16 will end at 8:00pm Pacific Time on Thursday, August 4th. No ticket transfers will be processed after that time. Any completed ticket transfers submitted by 8PM on Thursday will be available for Badge Pick Up at Conference Registration on Friday, August 5th at the start of Registration. We’re only five weeks out from #BlogHer16, our annual conference being held August 4-6 in Los Angeles this year for the very first time! ...more
Selling my Early Bird Blogger Full Conference Pass for $200 until midnight tonight -- add $50 ... more

My Family is Killing My Klout Score

I've mentioned a time or two that I'm a wee bit controlling.And that I thrive on all things quantifiable.Given those two facts, you won't be surprised to hear that I have had a love affair with Klout.I have a morning routine that goes a little something like this:Get up and greet my husband, who typically has two hours on his day already....more
I would happily let my Klout take a nosedive if it meant I was having fun with my ... more

A House Divided on Spanking

Dealing with discipline issues can be stressful not just on parents and children, but between mom and dad. While two people can think they share the same parenting values before becoming parents, the reality is that kids are unique individuals and frequently change and grow. (You know, because they're supposed to.) Sue at Motherhood and Me recently shared the discipline problems they're having in her house and how the topic of spanking has created a divided house. ...more
Such a sensitive topic, Sue...but I'm so happy to see you spotlighted over here! more

Assumptions and Autism: My Child Has Empathy

What assumptions do you make about children (or adults) with autism? Do you automatically assume that they lack empathy, that they cannot connect with others on an emotional level? Jillsmo at Yeah, Good Times wants you to know that if you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism. Just like "the rest of us," people with autism react differently to different things. I loved her recent post about her younger child (who does not have autism) being a good "social teacher" for her older child (who does have autism). ...more
So awesome to see this featured over here! more

On My Hardest Day, I Was Strong Enough

This past week, I was in court for a custody hearing. I gave my testimony, and was cross-examined. My witness testified and was cross-examined. What followed was four straight hours of listening to my ex and the witnesses he called to the stand go over every bad day, every poor decision, every instance they could think of where I did not bring my A-game as a mom. I was forced to listen over and over how I have failed and how my ex has succeeded. It was very easily the hardest day of my life....more
Oh Frelle...this is such a long, hard road for you and I am so sorry. But your strength and your ... more

Are Internet Friends "Real" Friends?

She Suggests asks an important question: are bloggy friends real? Can someone be considered a close friend if you never see them or interact with them in real time? And most importantly, do the friendships we start online translate into friendships offline when you finally meet face-to-face: and if they don't, is it a "real" friendship? ...more
I cherish the friends I have met online through my blogging, and challenge anyone who claims ... more

Lullabies I Never Sang: A Mother's Abortion and Regret

I’ve thought about this memory a thousand times, and wondered how to paint literary pictures of an inner battle still lingering inside. I feel it the most when I kiss my kids goodnight, tuck the covers around their chins, and listen to their prayers. I see the fruition of love and life in their faces, project splendid futures for them both, and thank my God every day for the privilege of being their parent.But I am missing one....more
What an incredible post. It took bravery and courage to write this, and to put your feelings ... more

What Will Your Kids Learn About You (or Themselves!) by Reading Your Blog?

I give a lot of thought to the idea that the kids might one day grow up and read my blog (or maybe worse, their friends could read it and end up teasing them about it). I try to be circumspect with what I post -- both about myself as well as about them -- imagining how it would look to a middle school version of the twins or a high school version or a married-with-kids-themselves version. ...more
When I started my blog, I never included any information that would link back to my kids or my ... more

In the Face of Change, I Still Sent Her to School

She was so incredibly excited to start preschool that morning. With a brother four years older, she already understood what school entailed. 9/11. And even though we Californians woke that morning to the crazy news that our nation was under attack, I felt the need to go on with this big day for my daughter. To move forward not as if nothing had happened, but as if what happened could never change our lives....more
@jw27 Thanks, my sweet friend! Nice seeing you here today as well! more

The Loneliest Mother I've Seen

I see your eyes duck our way more times than I can count. Kids spilling off my lap, I steady myself against my husband’s leg and we laugh as the hay ride tosses us back and forth. As you tuck your bare left hand behind the bleach-blonde head in your lap, I read her shirt. Birthday Girl Your parents take pictures of the two of you but your eyes belie the smile on your face. I wonder if you have just finished high school or are heading to college this fall. Maybe you have put school on hold until you can afford daycare and tuition. ...more
Oh Jessica, I love this post. You have such a way of writing from your heart and helping others ... more