I'm Terrified of This New School Year

While a large majority of parents are looking forward to school starting again, I am not. You see, my son has some major learning challenges and school to this point has been hell for everyone involved. He's miserable, we're desperate and the teachers are insane. Will and school have not mixed well and we are all wearing the battle scars from five years of fighting to help him learn, fighting to help him control his behavior, fighting to keep him out of trouble for things he is unable to control....more
I know how you feel about the stress of school starting. We've dreaded it for years, and I ... more

Identifying and Avoiding Autism Cults

A child's autism diagnosis can really mess with parents' heads. Media portrayals of children with autism and their adult spectrum-mates dwell almost exclusively on negatives and challenges, so when a parent is told that their child is autistic, they are usually incredibly upset. ...more

Wow!  Shannon, This is such an important post you've written . . . I could feel the cult ... more