'Star Wars' Was The First Movie I Saw Twice in a Theater

In the summer of 1977, the biggest movie of the summer was Star Wars. I had been eagerly tracking the progress of the film's opening through various fan magazines, and was not disappointed when we finally went to see it, on Long Beach Island (at a theater in Beach Haven, which alas, is no more). My family were all big science fiction fans and loved the movie, from the corny crawl-titles at the start to the big space battle at the end. ...more
.Rod_Thomson Hahaha... the funny thing is, that isn't my piece of content; however, the title ...more

Like Sands in the Hourglass, These are the Games of our Thrones ...

Both book and television spoilers lurk within ......more

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy continues to be the feel-good film of this summer (and rule the box office). It is colorful, funny, and not afraid to be silly. The kid and I saw it twice while we were on vacation. It wasn't that there weren't any other movies that piqued our interest, it was just that we had so much fun the first time around we figured what the heck, let's see it again. That sort of devil-may-care, in search of a good time attitude  permeated the film. It was infectious....more

Trying to Age Gracefully in an Ungraceful (and Ungrateful) Age

There is an interesting interview with Ellen Barkin on Violet Grey, The Violet Files, centering on the star turning the big six-oh and how she refused to have her photographs retouched for the accompanying photoshoot.Barkin has a lot of positive things to say about getting older, and how women should embrace their age, and individual beauty. She looks great in the photos, but, not so unexpectedly, they are rendered in black and white....more

ICYMI: Our Idiot Brother

Paul Rudd at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards (Photo credit: ...more

Bogart: In Search of My Father by Stephen Bogart

If anyone thought that being the child of famous parents was a walk in the park, they need go no further than read Stephen Bogart's memoir, Bogart: In Search of My Father....more

It's A Wrap: Humphrey Bogart Film Festival

I just got back from the second annual Humphrey Bogart Film Festival in Key Largo, FL, and like many of my fellow attendees, I am already looking forward to next year's festival....more

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I have been reading a lot of books lately about clearing out the clutter of one's home (and mind), for an easier life....more

It Was Littlefinger, All Along

Whether one has read the books in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, or is just following the drama in Westeros on HBO's Game of Thrones, it must have been apparent from the first season that Petyr Baelish, AKA Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen), was plotting behind the scenes from Day 1. In last Sunday's episode, "First of His Name," it was revealed exactly how far back Littlefinger's plots and schemes have reached....more