How Do I Know If I Should Homeschool My Kids?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My husband really wants me to homeschool our two children, ages six and eight. I am a SAHM so I have the time, but I don't see what's wrong with public schools. He thinks they would benefit academically, and maybe they would, but I worry they'd suffer socially. I also worry that my mental health would suffer, but maybe I'm wrong. Is there any way to know if homeschool is a good fit for us?Signed,Am I Homeschooling Material?...more
Your name poses a good question (Am I Right for Homeschooling). I was a wahm who loves school ... more

I Fired My Kid Today

If my 8 year old kid tells you she's going to juvey, she's not. She's just on probation. Let me explain. I fired my kid this morning. Let's get something straight. I didn't fire her from being my kid. That's a job, sure enough, one that she'd probably resign from if she knew all about resignations. But she's 8 and doesn't even like writing her school work so a strongly worded resignation letter is years away. ...more

I may have learned more :) more

Getting a Head in Yard Work

Bonfire -- excellent!!! Plus, it would keep the mosquitoes away. Great tribute to Bernie, too. more

Anyone write for the Examiner?

Anyone have any experience with Examiner.Com?I've been writing motherhood articles for with them for a bit. Made only $25 in the last several months.Any other folks out there doing this? Would love to compare experiences. TeriBy the way, I'm the Motherhood Examiner for my area. My page is here.  

The Redemption Bag

If you've ever been an 8 year old girl, you know this is true: you are only as cool as your sleeping bag. My 8 year old daughter is at her first sleepover tonight. She's never spent the night away from home. I was just like her 36 years ago. The first sleepover didn't warrant a bag. Most of us made a pallet out of quilts because, honestly, our moms didn't see investing in a sleeping bag if we weren't going to use it for several years. But after the first successful sleepover, I got my sleeping bag. ...more

That's awesome that you have a New Kids bag! I hear they're on tour with the Backstreet Boys and ... more

Show & Tell: NieNie Asks -- Do You Attend Church?

Do you attend church? I want to know! Here Oliver and Christian walk out to the car after our 3-hour service. Your turn: Share a photo or leave a comment below! ...more

My husband and I are from diverse religious backgrounds. Trying to find one that jives with a ... more

Letter Lighting: How to Make a Font Lantern

Want a quick and easy way to make your space look super hip in only a couple hours? I wish I could tell you that this was hard, but it was sooooo easy. It just took the time to randomly stick vinyl letter type stickers in various sizes (I purchased mine at Michaels) to a plain white paper lantern. You could do this with really any kind of plain sticker....more

I've really got to do this. I bet my 8 yr old daughter would love to help too! Thanks for sharing! more

On the Chocolate Milk Fence


I'm like you. Chocolate milk isn't the root of all evil. If having a carton makes my kid's ... more

The butt biting ways of karma

We were watching cartoons when my 8 year old asked me about karma. A talking dog had just told a boy not to do something because "karma would bite him in the butt." "Is that true, Mama?" she asked. "What?" "Will karma bite you in the butt?" "Not only will karma bite you in the butt, it can also bite the butts of those you love," I said. Her eyes widened. "Is karma gonna bite my butt because of something you've done?" she asked. "Nah, not you. Daddy." "Oh." And she continued watching. ...more

Why does karma have to kick/bite butts anyway? I wish I could work out a deal with karma to ... more

I'd probably sleep more if I was expecting a visit from the Wrinkle Fairy

The Easter Bunny will be dropping by to fill my daughter's basket this year. Judging by our conversation tonight, it will probably be the last year. "Mama, in a way the Easter Bunny is better than Santa because kids don't have to stress about how good they've been. I mean he doesn't bring Nintendos or anything. It's just candy." Hm. She's right. ...more

If you see them with camcorders or notepads, let me know! more