Enter to win $500, plus $500 for the charity Quilts for Kids!

 This Special Offer has now ended. Thank you for your interest! When you're a child, it's hard to spend nights away from home. Even harder when those nights are spent in a hospital. That's why Downy has partnered with Quilts for Kids to help give comforting quilts and a touch of home to children staying in Children's Miracle Network Hospitals....more

As a PTA and Scout leader, I noticed that little hassles kept good people from volunteering ... more

Triple-wins for the greater good: partnerships between blogs, brands, and causes

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Mental Clutter & Your 2.0 Life

Track:  change-agents Where is the clutter in your life? Is it around your physical space?are you peering at the computer screen despite the piles? Is it in your schedule?do your kids assure school faculty that you'll eventually pick them up? Or is it in your mind?are you often panicked because either: you're scouring your brain for that one thing that's nagging at you or you've just realized you forgot something important? {like the kids} ...more

Simply terrific topic, April! 

I'm a huge fan of simplifying & getting ... more

Teacher-Parents and the Web: Let's Make it Work

Track:  change-agents We are classroom teachers.  We were classroom teachers.  We homeschool full-time, and we homeschool part-time. We're eclectic and structured, unschool-driven and Montessori-minded.We talk literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies, languages and the arts. We practice a "lifestyle of learning", and we all blog about it....more


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