America, You Have A Choice!

Warning!  I'm about to step up on a very large soapbox.  I'm not writing this post to offend you, but to awaken you.  To evoke something in you so convincing that it moves you into action.  I want you to feel like you must do something; to create a drive in you so compelling that you can no longer sit there on your proverbial couch....telling yourself that you'll start tomorrow.  You know you need to start today. To start now.  But there's always a reason why you can't....more

Homemade Oatmeal Bars

Let me preface by saying I love oatmeal, granola and/or any kind of peanut butter type bar.  One might say I'm addicted to them.  I eat them for a quick breakfast along side a banana or apple or simply enjoy one as a pre or post run snack.  There are also many good ones to choose from and I have my favorites that I've shared with you many times.  The problem is though is that most are rather expensive to keep in my pantry and especially have the luxury of having more than one a day, but they are also hard to find in my area so I run out pretty quickly....more
Thanks!  They are great for an afternoon snack and I enjoy them for breakfast, too.  :)more

5 Ways to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

While we are at the beach last week, I wanted to be careful to not veer off of my healthy eating path and especially put pounds on....which is undoubtedly easy to do while on vacation!  Right?!  It's just something about that salty, breezy air that makes me hungry.  But it's also something about being there that makes me want to work out even more.  I *always* look forward to running and exercising while I'm are my top five ways to stay healthy while on vacation and hopefully not gain weight!...more

Menu Planning on a Budget

If you're like me, working with a budget {most of the time} is a necessity. Grocery shopping has become so expensive, and I found that I was spending too much money on groceries then always seeming to have a hard time figuring out what to cook for dinner. A couple of ways I've already been working to save money on groceries is with coupon shopping and also grocery shopping on a budget....more
 @sassymonkey And don't feel guilty about those quick fix meals at all!  If I lived in a perfect ...more

Prepping For My Colonoscopy

Yes, you read that correctly.  I'm apologizing in advance.  It's time for my colonoscopy screening and I'm taking you with me.  Nice.  Just what you wanted to hear, huh?Your colon health is important!...more
My thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow!more

Why Cardio Is Important

In keeping with the American Heart Association Heart Month theme, I want to talk more about your heart health and why getting your heart rate up is important.Did you know that just like the other muscles in your body, your heart is a muscle and needs exercising, too.  And also, just like your other muscles will atrophy when not used, your heart muscle will atrophy as well....more
I love it! I'll do lunges to when I'm at work and no one is looking! ;)more

Go Red and Bless Your Heart

You know we Southerners say the phrase Bless Your Heart to cover many different meanings.  It's an understood language amongst us southern women and no matter how we may use it in a sentence, whomever we're talking to understands its implications perfectly.  We say it when we feel sad for someone who's going through a difficult time, 'bless your heart'.  We say it when someone is sick and not feeling well, 'bless your heart'.  We say it when we discover that a friend's husband has been cheating on her, 'bless her heart'....more

My Favorite Photo Editing Tools

As a professional photographer for 13 years and over a 100 weddings photographed, I've used my fair share of editing software and photoshop actions.These are a just a few of my favorite editing tools and the results they render....more

You Don't Need a Gym Membership to Lose Weight

I know I're saying aloud to yourself right now that I'm crazy!It's true! I'm here to tell you that you don't have to spend $ of dollars every month on an expensive gym membership or even an in-home gym to lose weight and get fit.  All it takes is a little creativity and determination....more
@victorias_view Now this one I'm gonna have to look up! Anything I can do in the comfort of my ...more

Practical Everyday Tips to Help You Lose Weight

'Tis the season of resolutions and goal-setting!  Have you added weight loss yet again to your January To-Do List?If you are like so many of us, yes, you have and by February 1st, you're ready to give up....yet again. Weight loss is not about fad diets or magic pills.  It's simply about Intake and Output--what you take in and what you put out.I'm here to help you!  Here are some practical guidelines to help you decrease your calories, burn more calories and lose the weight you want to lose.INTAKE...more