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i got swiffer duster refills, shampoo & conditioner


Tamron Lens Reviews and Sweepstakes!

I love this lens!! My father recently bought it for his camera and I've had the opportunity to ... more

What is the title of the first blog post you ever wrote?

What is the title of the first blog post you ever wrote? ...more

i went simple the beginning more

What Size Is Plus Size?

Both fashion runways and clothing stores have a different idea on what plus size is. Forgetting the "rules" what is your personal opinion on where plus size begins? And does it really matter? Moe M.E. Wood lens, Large and Lovely, Five Favorite Things

BlogHer '10 Badges & Bling

UPDATED May 18 - new blog bling has been uploaded - - have fun!! It's here -- BlogHer '10 and BlogHer Business '10 bling (twinkle twinkle). We've covered the basics -- now we’re opening it up to your ideas! Tell us what BlogHer '10 blog bling you'd like to see. We’re listening ... let the fun begin!  If you need some ideas, check out last year's blog bling - everyone was "so" creative and fun! ...more

the i'll be tweeting button from last year.. with the # tag!