Talking to Kids About Race

On this day of celebration for the life and contributions of Martin Luther King, I thought I would visit the topic of talking to kids about race....more

Counting the Cost of Violent Political Discourse

I am watching the news in horror today, as a gunman opened fire on politician Gabrielle Giffords at a public event she was holding, shot her point-blank in the head, and shot 17 other people.  At the time I’m writing this, Giffords is in critical condition and six people have been killed....more

Well said. We should not have to wonder if this young man was influenced by the overblown ...more

The Day My Daughter Ran Away

This afternoon I experienced the worst fifteen minutes of my life. ...more

I am so, so sorry you went through even a second of such fear.

But I do have to say I admire ...more

Social Networking: sucking time, saving lives, and the gray in between

I think it’s fair to say that many of us who write our own blogs also read a lot of blogs. We might also spend a fair amount of time on twitter. We might also waste a bit of time on facebook. And before we know it, we might find ourselves wondering how it got to be 1am and we still haven’t put the dinner dishes away. And by we, I mean me. ...more

And I'm so happy that you were able to get your son home.

Contributing Editor ...more