I Bought Boxed Valentines This Year and I Felt Guilty

At Target yesterday I had a fleeting moment of sanity and decided to hell with it. I bought two boxes of Valentines, some bubbles, bouncy balls, and declared them Good Enough. I felt a big fat pinch of guilt. I genuinely felt bad for forcing store-bought cards upon my kids. How disappointing for them!...more
Let me tell you that, (in my opinion) I think there is FAR TOO MUCH PRESSURE PUT ON US MOMS/DADS ... more

Fifty Shades of Grey... Oops!

Months and months ago, when the world started buzzing about 50 Shades of Grey, Sassymonkey said to me, "I sure hope some mom doesn't get confused and buy Fifty Shades of Grey for her kid, thinking it's Between Shades of Gray." I laughed and said I ...more
hehe, I've  had no embarassing moments while reading Fifty Shades. But, some of yours made me ... more

Knowing Isn't Always Enough

In Lisa Gardner's new thriller, Touch and Go, the characters really knew better than to do many of things they did. The kidnappers knew that kidnapping a whole family was wrong. Libby knew taking drugs to numb the pain wasn't a good thing. Knowing something is right isn't always enough....more
yup, we all make poor decisions at times. I don't think staying up late to read a book is one of ... more

Am I the Only Mom Who Wishes for a Best Friend?

My negative thoughts as a result were things like, "I have no friends," and "No one cares about my life," and "I wish my sister lived closer because she is the only one that gets me." But, I find myself feeling lonely. And sad. Moms need friends too, right? Or am I the only one? I have always been a people person. I have always had "an easy time making friends" as my Mom would say to me all the time growing up. But, here I am. 35-years-old. 3 kids. A good husband. A stable life. And, all I want is a close friend. ...more
wow, i am wanting the same. I had this many years ago, a best friend forever - whom I met in ... more

Kick Start Your Vinyl Collection: One Essential Album For Each Month Of The Year

There's something special about listening to music on vinyl that digital can't replicate. I'm not sure if it's just nostalgia or if the music actually sounds better as the record turns under the needle. There's nothing like thumbing through album after album, admiring the enlarged cover art that doesn't come on iTunes. Pulling a record from its sleeve and placing it onto the player has become one of my favorite daily rituals. Here I've put together a list of 12 albums you should own on vinyl -- one for each month of the year! ...more
I'm a huge music fan as well !!!(and I love your recommendations, some of my faves too!) ... more

Piles o' Shoes for Thursday: Show Us Yours!

This Thursday at BlogHer HQ, we have extra bodies in the office. When I rallied the troops, members from different BlogHer teams flocked for the weekly shoe shot at different times. To accommodate the the crowd, we took two! See if you can spot the special guest appearance of BlogHer Editor in Chief, Stacy Morrison...or CEO and fearless leader Lisa Stone...or some of the illustrious members of our Design team......more
wow that is a lot of boots in general! must live somewhere cold!!!! ;) more

My Take on Food Styling and Photography

When I first picked up a DSLR camera and began photographing/blogging regularly, I never imagined I'd fall so head-over-heels in love with food photography and styling. Nor could I have predicted that less than 2 years later, I'd be getting such incredible support from my readers, and more recently, an increasing number of emails asking for photography advice. I have no idea if this comes across online, but I'm actually quite a shy person in real life. It's truly a testament to you all that I feel quite at ease writing this post today....more
what a wonderful post full of great advice! Thank you for sharing tips on what you love (which ... more

Black & White Photog Tips!

This might appeal to like 10 of you... but I thought I'd post a bit about my photography background (or lack of ;) and give a tip or two.A friend (Manda) texted me this photo of one of my pictures that had been chosen in a contest a year or so ago;  with moving to Florida, I was unable to make the grand opening of the center, thus losing my chance on viewing what the judges had picked.  Here's the picture: (the models are my crazy beautiful cousins, maddie & keegs) ...more
I agree, totally interesting to see how a journey in photography changes as we learn/grow into ... more