BlogHer Politics: Looking Ahead

First off, try this: Google “earn women’s votes.” BlogHer posts are the first three. What a great association for our community. As BlogHer's political director, I want to present Draft One of our BlogHer “Voter Manifesto” for your delectation and debate. What is the Manifesto? The BlogHer community has developed 12 questions they want each and every candidate running for president to answer. Below, I explain why our Manifesto is more than just a fun exercise. These questions are non-partisan. Every asker will need a different answer to be satisfied. The questions fall under four topics, which were voted most pressing by the BlogHer community. These topics are: Iraq Health Care Economic Future Environment and Global Warming ...more

I second Jen's "I'm thrilled to be a part of this!" comment. When the manifesto is finalized, ... more