Bulk Cooking and Freezing Ease Make Ahead Meals

I often receive questions about crock pot cooking, meal planning, and cooking in bulk. Most of these questions come from friends and readers who love to cook but can't find the time most evenings to pull off a big dinner.Although I don't dust off my crock pot nearly as often as I should, I do have plenty of ideas on planning and making meals in advance....more
None of the links to the recipes are working! I'd love to see them!more

Whiskey and Spiced Walnut Ice Cream

Liquor is crafted and aged with the sole purpose of creating intense depth of flavor. This flavor has to shine above the potential burn of the alcohol. Therefore it is the perfect ingredient to add “intense depth of flavor” to any dish....more
This looks delicious!!more

Jamaican Johnny Cakes

Vacation Qualms and Jamaican Johnny Cakes.Before we moved to the mountains, we used to vacation in the mountains. Now that we live in the lush rolling slopes of North Carolina, we travel elsewhere to vacate....more

Baking Your Garden ~ Zucchini Nutella Swirl Muffins

Baking Drama produces Zucchini Muffins with Nutella Swirl....more

These look like mouth-watering deliciousness!more

How to Grill Sweet Summer Corn

Nothing says summer like corn on the cob on the grill. The sweet kernels bursting with crisp starchy juice, the little bits of charred skin, and the deep smokey flavor taste of summer memories I long to relive....more

Simple Strawberry Smoothies

How to make Simple Strawberry Smoothies, with the emphasis on SIMPLE....more

Berry Blast Nimbu Pani ~ How India Quenches It's Thirst

Translation: Lemon Water. Pronunciation: Nim-boo Paw-nee. Verdict: Poppy and Refreshing....more
I agree with you 'Don't drink the water- Ever'. I carry a bottle of water with me all the time ...more

How To Make The Perfect Frittata

When I wake up, I don’t crave sweet pancakes or pastries, and I definitely don’t crave scrambled eggs. When I wake up, I want dinner. Pasta, steak, sauteed mushrooms; most days I eat leftovers for breakfast. The more savory the better....more

BOOZY Strawberry Pistachio Crumble

When you’re out in the berry patch, drinking in the sun, watching your littles blissfully bound down the aisles searching for the perfect berry, tasting warm strawberries straight off the vine with sweet juice dripping down your chin… you don’t think think about the size of your fridge....more