These Moments Are What I Love about Being a Mom

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Wide World of Sports and Autism

Kids on the spectrum generally have a hard time playing sports. My daughter was a late walker. She didn't start walking until she was over 19 months old. According to the physical therapist we were seeing, her core muscles were weak which is what caused the delay. At the time, nobody suspected autism. One physical therapist told us that this will always be an issue, but if we got her involved in things like swimming, dance, or gymnastics, it can make a huge difference! ...more

Target and Trader Joe's...More than just Stores

One thing about being a stay-at-home mom that surprises me is how isolating it can be. My routine involves dropping my daughter off at school, running errands, going home to do chores and surf the web. It drives a mom to blog! The lack of social interactions is isolating, so I'm not at all surprised that moms join Facebook by the droves and socialize on the internet in other ways....more

My Absent-Minded Professor

The thing that amazes me about my daughter is how incredibly perceptive she is one minute and how incredibly out-of-it she is another minute! In 20 years, I'm sure her picture will be in the dictionary under absent-minded professor (assuming that there was a dictionary listing for that term, of course!)....more

Loves to Read

When I first started this blog, my intention was to celebrate the wonderful quirkiness and strengths that kids with high-functioning autism or Asperger's have. As I've been posting, I'm finding that my posts are more along the lines of a mom blog--but a mom who happens to have a kid with high-functioning autism. Today's topic, however, will be more along the lines of what I initially had in mind!...more

Yay! A Good Day!

Yesterday was a good day. No, make that a great day! My daughter was in a great mood and was extremely social! She interacted with her friends and was not rigid if things didn't go her way. She appeared to be totally neuro-typical. Why are some days like this and other days totally the opposite? I wish I knew the answer....more

Ups and Downs

Flashback a year ago: With a fairly new autism diagnosis, I went to a support group occasionally. The group of moms there were amazing women. They were so inspiring! However, I always felt really depressed afterward because many of their situations were just so bleak. Many had teenagers who were non-verbal and still needed help with pottying and showering. Many of these moms had to deal with their kids hitting them and getting very aggressive--especially with the onset of puberty....more