Why (and How) Our Family is Taking a Year Off

When you tell people that you are voluntarily moving into a 24 foot travel trailer with your husband and two kids, you get to enjoy a variety of reactions. Confusion, excitement, doubt. Envy and encouragement. I've seen a broad spectrum of responses play across different faces over the last 8 months since I began telling people that I was planning to sell the bulk of my stuff and move my family into an RV so that we could travel around America for a year....more

I hope that when we reach the point of such freelance success that we'll remember to actually ... more

Freezer Organization 101

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember what happened every time Fred Flintstone opened his closet -— well, that’s precisely what my freezer was like, only when things fell out they tended to be frozen-solid blocks, and they invariably landed on one’s feet. Who knew how important steel-toed boots could be in the kitchen? ...more

We made the investment in a deep freeze and I'm STILL having these issues... but I try to ... more