My Plan for Emergencies and How I'm Prepared with a 72-Hour Kit

We’re not super preppers, we don’t have a massive food supply. We have enough guns for the two of us to carry and use.  However, we do have 72-Hour Kit that would allow our family to bug out or bug in. We could comfortably live for at least 72 hours without electricity or running water. We still need sleeping pads and a bag for extra clothes for the family.  When December 21 rolls around and the apocolypse happens, we”ll have a good start....more

My Boobs are Trying to Kill Me, So I'm Saying Goodbye to Them

I have breast cancer. Actually, I have Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. Here’s how it started. Two days after my surgery my doctor called to let me know the results were in and they weren’t good. My husband was shocked. He had no idea what to say....more

Punk Rock Is Good for Those Kids

Forewarning*: I know some people will probably read this and tell me a horror story about how so and so music is wrong and ruined their cousin’s great-aunt’s brother-in-law’s brother.  I don’t think that ALL punk rock is good for ALL kids. There are unstable people in every group and you never know what will set them off. There are always a few bands who aren’t ideal, in fact they probably shouldn’t ever play, for anyone. In the end, if you don’t like the music, don’t listen to it. ...more
Remember Punk Rock isnt just music, its a different attitude altogether.  Noone ever understands ...more

Tell Me I'm a Great Mom

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since my oldest was born. That's been almost nine years. Sure, I’ve done some freelance writing and consulting, but I consider myself a full-time mom and wife. I breastfed for about 3 years between the two of my boys. I took them to play groups, preschool and after school activities. I will admit that when someone tells me I’m a good mom, my self-esteem goes up a little bit. Ok, a lot. I want to be a good great mom. I want my time spent with them to be well spent....more
Oh Gwen!     I feel the same way.   My friends know how much I love my children; how hard I try ...more

I Used to be Great at Video Games, Until I Took an Arrow to the Knee

Weekends around our house are two days of no planned activities. During the morning, we head to a park or the huz takes the boys out to throw the boomerangs while I pick up the evidence that people live in our house.  But, the boys’ most favorite thing to do on weekends is visit the local video game store, find a new game to conquer and they come home and play it together.I’m not so good at that. Benji told me he was sad Dad was gone because I don’t know anything about video games.  He added that I really stink at video games and that made him sad. ...more

The Family That Butchers Chickens Together: Teaching My Sons About Food

Today, my family had the opportunity to participate in a class at a local farm. Venetucci Farm is about two miles from my house. They are offering a series of classes called “Living Close to Home,” that teaches people about living a more sustainable lifestyle. The first class was Chicken Butchering 101:...more
@PolidoriSausage Well, for the next few hours anyway. ;)more

My Love/Hate Relationship With My Husband's Ranger Panties

Eleven years ago, when I married my husband, I had no idea I was beginning a relationship that involved Ranger Panties.  First, let me tell you what they are.  Urban has a perfect description and I can’t explain it much better.Ranger Panties:...more
Ranger Panties are the least understood piece of clothing in the world.  They were designed for ...more

He's Leaving, Again

He’s leaving, very soon, and I’m slowly becoming numb to it.  Today, he called me out on the way I’ve been acting.  He specifically told me to stop burning bridges and enjoy the last few days together.  We are trying to spend time together, create memories, just be a family and retain some sort of normalcy. After all, we've done this every year for the last five years and this is his sixth deployment over six months....more