Carrie Winegarden

Hi, I'm Carrie.In December 2009 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I... read more

Where Do You Find Writing Inspiration?

Third week of NaBloPoMo and we need to talk about inspiration. It feels like blog post ideas either come fast and furious -- there are just too many things to write about and not enough time (or energy) -- or you're in a dry spell where you know you want to write something -- write anything -- and connect with readers, but you can't think of anything to say. So what do you do for inspiration to help you through the lean times? ...more
Recently I find that I have the idea's but no time to write them. Or when I have the words down ...more

What's the Scariest Movie You've Ever Seen?

Time to talk about things that go bump in the night.  It's Halloween, so we'd like to ask about the scariest movie you've ever seen.  Was it "Jaws" when the hapless skinny dipper was yanked in the dark by an unseen Great White shark?  Was it actor John Hurt in the movie "Alien", having a really, really bad case of indigestion?  Maybe ghost stories make you want to scream your head off?...more
The Blair witch story Slept with the lights on and still gives me the creeps. more

BlogHer Food '12 Twitter Roll Call!

Want to get to know your fellow BlogHer Food '12 attendees before you arrive in Seattle? Leave your Twitter handle and follow the others who have already left theirs so you can tweet about your conference plans.Find the official list on Twitter at

BlogHer '12 Twitter Roll Call!

Want to get to know your fellow BlogHer '12 attendees before you arrive in New York? Leave your Twitter handle and follow the others who have already left theirs so you can tweet about your conference plans.Find the official list on Twitter at

Cancer Snobbery

I want to share with you part of a conversation I have quite regularly. It usually begins when someone says to me, "Did you hear, such-and-such has cancer. Isn't it terrible?" and I might say something like,"I heard. Did you know I had cancer?" "Oh really? When was that?" "In July 2003." "Oh my God. Are you all right now?" "Yes, thanks, I am." "Did you have treatment?" "Chemotherapy and radiotherapy." "Wow, and you have how many children?" "Four." "Oh, that's awful. I can't believe it." And then, the inevitable. "And which breast was it in? Did you have to have a mastectomy?...more
I love this article. First of all, hugs to you for all you have overcome and dealt with. ...more

I Don't Sleep Well

[Editor's Note: When you can't sleep, you'll be so desperate that you'll go to a sleep study and let people watch you sleep. That's how desperate Fearless Fibro Warrior is. - Denise]...more
I went for a sleep study and left before they even got everything hooked up to me... could. not. ...more

Sneak Peek at Missoni For Target

Beyond plates, pillows, mugs, luggage, baby clothes, laptop cases, blankets, beautiful scarves and an adorably chic bicycle all covered Missoni's iconic, zigzag prints, the collection also offers a luxe version of Missoni's wearable looks. The sneak peak coming exclusively from Margherita Maccapani Missoni and Marina, a living doll, showcases 20 of the 400 pieces of the Missoni for Target line and guess what? They're all priced between $7.99 and $199.99!...more
Very tempting! I've always loved Missoni, and have actually had great luck with the Target ...more

Can You Keep a Blog a Secret?

I still remember how I felt the first time a real-life-first friend commented on my blog. I have no idea what she wrote in her comment, but I know that when I saw her name and personal reflections on my words, I felt unexpectedly uncomfortable. ...more
I'm wrestling with this right now because I can be pretty judgy/preachy and I am worried the ...more

Have You Ever Experienced a Travel Nightmare? We Want to Hear About It!

Have you ever experienced a travel or holiday nightmare?  I just got back from a long awaited family reunion near Daytona Beach Florida.  Two lovely mishap-free days were followed by five straight days of cold, gray, relentless rain.  As a special bonus, I also got the worst chest cold I’ve had in seven years.  Nothing says “Beach Holiday Fail” like spending a rainy afternoon inside an ice cold theater watching a Woody Allen movie. Tell us about your travel apocalypse on the BlogHer Opinion Poll below.  Mine is still painfully fresh, but in the words of the ...more
Air France lost my luggage going from Paris to Moscow. Somehow it just never got loaded on to ...more

Bloggers React to Google Plus

Google+. Right now it's a limited field trial and it's invitation only. Naturally, the folks who got invited early are excited to let the world know what they think. Ah, the thrill of being first. Pretty effective buzz building technique, is it not? (People who didn't get invited to the first round are actually paying $20 for an invitation on eBay.) ...more

Lifehacker published a cheat sheet for Google+ that might clear up some of your ...more