Earth Day 2010: Getting Back To Nature

I think pretty much everybody knows about the No Child Left Behind Act, but were you aware that on Earth Day 2009 the No Child Left Inside act was introduced. I have to confess that I was completely ignorant of this until I read an article on the subject last week....more

Forget Einstein: Let Me Introduce You To The Theory Of Momativity

We all know Einstein was a genius. But he was never a Mom. So I imagine he never had any interest in or reason to study the theories of Motherhood and just why it is a Mother's work is never done. Well as you know I have been a Mom now for a smidgen over three years (not that I'm counting or anything) and have been actively investigating this phenomenon throughout that time and I think I may have finally come up with the answer. So here it is fellow Moms....more

What Not To Do When You Are About To Explode

We've all had those times in our Mommyland lives when we feel we are about to lose the plot. My last experience of this was during Spring Break when I decided to take Mirabelle to story time at the library. All went well until story time started, which is when all the children stood up to dance and sing. Mirabelle wanted me to stand up too, but they always ask the Moms to stay sitting on the floor so that all the children can see the little stage....more

Thanks for giving me a laugh by sharing Parenting Magazines "tips"!! As far as advice, well, I ...more

What A Difference A Day Makes (Or Even Better Four)

We've all seen those TV adverts where Dad arrives home from work and the children run to the door to meet him, pure delight shining in their eyes, so happy are they to see him. Well not a lot of that has been happening in our household of late. In fact, quite the opposite. When Daddy has managed to make it home before bed time he has been greeted with more than a hint of hostility....more

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

OK, I am really showing my age with this title. I have to point out however that I was never much of a Police fan (more a rock chick I'm afraid) but over the past few days I have not been able to get that particular line from that song out of my head. It just describes so well how I feel sometimes....more

The Things I Wish I Knew When I Became a Mom

1. That a 2 year old is perfectly capable of dead bolting the front door (this I learned when left stranded outside after getting the mail, in sub-zero temperatures with no jacket on). Also that it would take 20 minutes to talk said 2 year old through reversing the process and unlocking the door (accompanied with lots of tears and cries of "I can't do it!")...more