Food Addiction: Would it Help to Label Foods as Poison?

[Editor's Note: A Today Show segment leads Tori to think about food addiction and how to change your thinking about food. What do you think of this idea? - Denise] ...more
No, it doesn't work for anything else, and frankly, the first thing I think of is how those with ... more

Parenting Moment: Feeling Caught Off-Guard

I was, and still am, feeling caught off-guard. Reeling. I am trying to understand how this could be. How, in this day and age, that my son, simply because he has Down syndrome, can be unwelcome into a daycare center. Why? Please help me understand why he is not allowed there. He could teach the other kids SO much! He could teach the teachers and the director SO much! He could share SO much of what he knows about life and learning and love. ...more

I have to say up-front that I am a big advocate of integrating children with Downs into ... more