Portuguese Family Reunion

The paternal side of our family hales from the Portuguese island of Faial in the Azores, and put down roots in California's San Francisco East Bay Area and Livermore Valley at least five generations ago....more

The $100 Question: Tell Kelly From Mocha Momma Your Go-To Healthy Snack

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Kelly from Mocha Momma ...more

If I really want to be healthy, I'll eat an apple but if I'm ready for a sweet treat I'll eat a ... more

It's Just a Cupcake: Only Store-Bought Treats in Schools?

Here are my daughter Marti Pearl's cupcakes. Twenty-four strawberry-on-strawberry with rainbow sprinkles, a job my very precious nearly-three-year-old took quite seriously, sprinkling three or four at a time, which left her adorable little hands color-speckled and sticky. She loves to bake, so much so that she asks to make cookies or cupcakes every. single. night. And she's great at it! For a child her age, she has an amazing understanding of what it takes to make the food we eat, and I'm so proud of that. ...more

I get the whole allergy thing. I have a nephew with peanut allergies and it can be very scary. ... more

Easter Traditions

What are your family Easter traditions? Here are some that I've found: You could make these cute hats with your kiddos and then add whiskers to turn them into cute bunnies. ...more

Cute ideas- love the garland best!
www.familyreunionhelper.com more

Easter Egg Hunt on Horseback

The best Easter Egg hunt in the entire universe is held the Saturday before Easter at Canna Bay Farms.  Humans of all descriptions gather; greenhorns, cowboys and babies as well of horses of all breeds, colors and training, to find Easter Eggs hidden all over the farm.  At our Easter Egg hunt it’s not about the eggs- it’s about the hunt! ...more

Last year in our little town (pop 800) they had a hunt for teenagers too.  They hid ... more

Socializing With Friends & Family On A Budget

In these tough economic times, you or someone you know may have been laid off, have work hours cut back, or have received a pay decrease. For people who are in between jobs, an important question is how to maintain an active and healthy social life with friends and family on a budget. ...more

The whole "Laid Off" thing really struck me.  My husband was laid off in October and ... more

Family Activities: Games for Toddlers and Young Kids

One of the best parts of motherhood is getting to play your favorite childhood games all over again with your own kids. But if you are like me, you may have forgotten exactly how to play hopscotch, red light, green light, or the freeze dance. The clever editors at FamilyFun and Wondertime have compiled a resource for how to play dozens of games and activities for toddlers (and older kids too). Now that the weather is warming up and kids love to be outside, I especially love the Wondertime article on games to play outdoors like Shark (imagine a playful game of tag using hula hoops). The editors at Wondertime even included Wading Pool Games that are fun and even educational. ...more

For more fun ideas see



Thankful for my aunts

by Elizabeth Willse...more

Thanks for sharing the memories.  Can' t imagine having six ... more

Three Reasons I Can't Hate Find My Family

When I first heard of ABC's new reality show, Find My Family, my reaction was one of general annoyance. It's not the first time that a show has popped up on television with the intent of reuniting birth parents and their relinquished children under the watchful eye of video cameras. I have ignored them or loathed them in the past. I had little patience for them as I feel that sensationalizing the delicate and emotionally difficult process of reunion can be disastrous in the end. ...more

So much easier when kids are little- so hard to let them grow  up and go t heir own ... more