Don't Forget the Beauty of Picture Books

I am a self-professed book worm. I always have a book with me where ever I am. Do you know where my love of books began? Among to pages of pictures books way back when. And it disheartens me to see that parents are forcing their kids to abandon the glorious illustrations and stories for "big kid" chapter books. ...more

I think the push comes from schools and if you don't want your kids behind you have to push ... more

Politely Powerless: When Self-Defense Fails

Yesterday, I suffered unwanted sexual advances from a man in a way that I can’t seem to find an appropriate word for. Was it molestation? Sexual assault? Too nuanced to label? Interestingly, the reactions of others only added to the confusion. ...more

Before I read further, I thought the third comment was asking for more info to give them (and ... more

When Twihards Name Babies: Who's a Cute Little Cullen?

Nothing says "I love you" to a new baby than a name that suggests the undead. After all, what could be more admirable than the ability to drain another person's blood with your razor-sharp teeth? If you're not really into vampires, you can always go to werewolf route and align your child's moniker with Team Jacob. So many are, after all. According to Time magazine, people are loving names from Twilight for their offspring. ...more

Cade after johnny cade in the outsiders by s e hinton more

Automatic Organ Donation Bill Proposed in New York

In 2005, Kazuo Ishiguro, wrote Never Let Me Go, a work of fiction that explores the idea of mandatory organ donation. ...more

I think it's a Great plan and you can opt out if you want more

It's Library Appreciation Week: Have You Loved Your Library Today?

Happy Library Appreciation Week! I love libraries, even more than that I appreciate them. My childhood would not have been the same without them, and it's not a stretch to say that my adult life would be quite the same either. Bloggers around the web are sharing their library love this week, as well as their library fears. ...more

me and libraries don't get along so well I can't trust them I'll read a book and go back a few ... more

I Am Enough

I am enough. Three powerful, transformative words. The I am Enough Collaborative all began with one simple story and has become a place where women can come and share their own thoughts and stories on the subject. ...more

that's what your title made me think this is my mantra more

Protect A Child, Speak For A Child, Save A Child - This Month, And Every Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. When my editor, Denise, proposed it as a topic for a post, I leapt at it. How timely, I thought, given the child abuse scandal that is currently embarrassing the Catholic Church and challenging the faith of many. Child abuse should be of concern to us every month, of course, but now more than ever seems a very good time to talk about it. ...more

I'm glad you shared more

The Pope and Sex Scandals: The Damage Can't Be Underestimated

Many Roman Catholics are upset, hurt, angry, disappointed. And when they look to the Vatican for leadership, many feel that Pope Benedict has not fared well. ...more

I had a long post but it started to come unraveled All I say is educate yourself and your kids ... more

What Does the Easter Bunny Put in Your Basket?

Once again I need to start a holiday post with my standard disclaimer: I was raised Jewish. I converted to Christianity during college, and many Christian holiday traditions involving kids are things I've had to muddle through without any guidance from my past to inform my duties as the parent. ...more

I'm going home for Easter never had baskets but my Mom hides Kinder suprize Eggs with your name ... more

Read Obama's Lips: Workplace Flex Not a Women's Issue

A few things really struck me at the first ever White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility. The first is that President Obama said “Workplace flexibility isn’t just a women’s issue.” Even if no public policy results from today’s session, the culture change that comes when people like Obama say things like that is big. ...more

not all jobs can be flexable sometimes you just need to be there like nursing but getting sick ... more