Heavenly Mississippi Mud Pie

  The first time I tasted Mississippi Mud Pie I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I was 22 years old and on a trip to Kauai, Hawaii with the American family that I was au-pairing for....more
Yum! I think I just died and went to little piggy heaven! The worst part is I haven`t even tried ...more

Heavenly Homemade Basil Pesto

  Usually when I buy store bought herb pots they perform dismally and limp to their death in a few weeks, no matter how much I tend them.Recently I bought a pot of basil that thrived and turned into a bush - it must like my kitchen windowsill.  It grew so well that I decided that I might just have enough leaves to make some pesto.  A first for me....more

I vote for the Tea Party

While driving to work this morning I heard on Radio 4 about the Tea Party and how this revived american-based form of taxation protest [based on the historical Boston Tea Party] is rapidly catching on in the U.K.   I had no idea what a Tea Party stands for but immediately started to make up names for what could be served at said tea party:   Gordon Brownie     ...more

Alcohol May Trigger Food Allergies

As I've got older intolerance to alcohol has become a sad fact of life for me.  I had a very socially dependent relationship with alcohol from about the age of 15 [we start young in South Africa - and this was the 80's].  In years gone by summers would see me sitting somewhere outdoors knocking back G&T's, mojitos and chilled white wine like there was no tomorrow.  Winter evenings you would find me curled up on the sofa sipping a big glass of mulled red wine.As of about 8 years ago I noticed that red wine  made my cheeks very rosy&nbs...more