You Know You've Been Blogging Too Long When ...

Remember when the whole idea of "blogging" was fresh and new? When you had to explain to everyone around just what the heck "blogging" is? And when "blogging" always had quotes around it, because no one knew what to make of it? ...more
When you meet one of your husband's co-workers whom you have never met before but they already ... more

Dear Martha Stewart, Here's What You SHOULD Have Said About Bloggers

Dear Martha Stewart, Lots of bloggers are highly miffed with you right now for the things you said in a recent interview with Bloomberg News, and I get why. ...more
At one time I had a great deal of respect for Martha.  I defended her when my friends called her ... more

The Redemptive Power of Song

We've discussed how music plays a big role in Alex George's A Good American when we talked about how he described Jette's life as an opera. It's more than that the family just liked music, it was woven into the fabric of their lives. It was what they used to learn about themselves and about life. ...more
When You Wish Upon A Star ~ corny perhaps, but it always cheers me up! more

Is Your Life an Opera?

In Alex George's A Good American music is important to the lives of the characters and is integral to the plot. Jette and Frederick meet when he serenades her in a park. They find help in New Orleans from someone that Frederick met through music. This same man will come back into their lives and greatly impact their future. Frederick and Jette's sons and grandsons are all singers....more
My life has been one of an artist.  My earliest memories have been of creating.  At first it was ... more

Gastronomic Mosaics & Culinary Road Maps

Food quickly becomes important to the story in Alex George's A Good American. Before the Meisenheimers ever open the restaurant, Jette finds herself homesick. She turns to the meals she ate in her homeland for comfort. She didn't have recipes passed down from her mother or even a cookbook to turn to. Through a process of trial and error, she made her way through the food in memories until they existed on her table. ...more
When I was young I was always a picky eater.  One of my closest childhood friends had a mother ... more

Little Earthquakes: A Good American

If you are like me, when you turn the last page in Alex George's novel, A Good American, all you'll be able to think is "Wow!" You'll find yourself in a bit of a fog as you stop and think back on the journey that you just finished. Of course, I mean all this in the best possible way. ...more
I was instantly immersed in the love, passion and enthusiasm of these two young lovers from ... more

BlogHer '13 Is Heading Back to the Midwest -- Chicago Here We Come!

Today we are thrilled to announce the dates and venue for our ninth-annual BlogHer Conference:BlogHer '13 will take place on July 25 - 27th at McCormick Place and the Sheraton Chicago!So, to anticipate your immediate questions:  1. Registration will open September 1st. Look out for that announcement soon!...more
Chicago is my hometown and I will be there! I will be very happy to fly in from Idaho for the ... more

Are you giving love to your sister Divas? Take the "Don't Be Hate'n" Challenge!

Ok, we’ve all done it. You sit down in the cafeteria to enjoy your tuna sandwich and then a beautiful, thin, young woman goes prancing by and you think, “Thanks for ruining my lunch, b*@tch.” Maybe not in such strong language, but you know what I mean. Admit it! You’ve done it. Why are women in constant competition with each other?...more

Susan and Bentley


I just got a new job. How soon is too soon to leave?

I just got a new job. How soon is too soon to leave? ...more

As an employer, I have let people go during the first few weeks when I have learned that it's ... more

I just got a new job. How soon is too soon to leave?

I just got a new job. How soon is too soon to leave? ...more

I would leave as soon as I found out it was the wrong job for me. Why prolong the agony? more