I Am NOT My Hair

For my whole life I have always measured my beauty on my hair. When I was a child I wanted long, straight, beautiful "white" hair- which is a tall order considering I have the nappiest, kinkiest hair by nature. So the better part of my childhood was spent in a salon chair, with relaxer in my hair. Once, when I was 13, my mother did an at home relaxing treatment to my hair, and even though it was burning to high heaven- the sign that it's time to wash it out- I just HAD to finishing watching an episode of Frasier; the result, hair- my hair- falling out from the roots and running down the drain. When all was said and done, I was bald 4 inches deep from my hairline. It took years before I could bring myself to watch an episode of Frasier. ...more

Thank you to everyone who has commented! I have been loving the freedom that no hair provides; ... more

Fashion Shoot: The Doors

This weekend I was held hostage by sickness; Saturday was spent feeling like garbage, and this said garbage feeling prompted my decision to stay put on Saturday night; causing me to miss a goodtime- I could hear it, as my roommates hosted the after party. ...more

There's just something about doors! I am on a mission to find my city's best doors! more