Your 2014 Guide to Hot Cyber Monday Deals

Attention cyber shoppers! Cyber Monday 2014 has arrived and with it a wide range of deals on anything you could possibly have on your holiday shopping list. To help you navigate the sales, I've put together some tips and links to make your cyber shopping fun and fruitful....more

The Ugly Secret Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

If you're a homeowner, listen up, because I'm about to save you some money. ...more
retiredby40 Good for you! Every dollar adds up.more

5 Reasons to Hit Fall Garage Sales

Fall isn’t only the best time to go apple picking, gaze at colorful fall foliage and think about costumes for Halloween. Fall is also a good time to hit your local garage and tag sales. Unlike spring and summer sales, depending on where you live, fall garage and tag sales are often chock-full of items to get you and your family decked out for the holidays....more

When Remodeling a Bathroom, Remember the Details

I recently renovated my downstairs half bathroom (or, as some call it, my powder room). Though I’m thrilled with the final result, my renovation journey was not without its speed bumps. Google, Consumer Reports and Pinterest helped, but still didn't stop me from ignoring some important details—especially because so many products have to be ordered online, sight unseen. ...more
That was one of my first decisions: no moving the pipes or the electric. That way lies madness. :-)more

I Hurt Myself Playing Candy Crush

I woke up one day last week and couldn’t move my thumb. My left hand throbbed, and the base of my thumb especially felt like it had been crushed in a door. At first I thought I’d slept on it and the pain would subside quickly. But instead of getting better, over hours, then days, the pain got worse....more
@LauraCC4Life123 Oh my, you are hooked! Just give those fingers a break now and then.more

Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post Sale: Why It's A Good Thing

The announcement earlier this week that founder Jeff Bezos was going to purchase the Washington Post for $250 million hit news junkies, Washington insiders and media pundits with the punch of a stack of extras tossed on a street corner. Image Credit: Adam Glanzman via Flickr ...more

Dance Theatre of Harlem and Why Ballet Isn't Just for White Girls

When I was a kid, like so many little girls, I took ballet lessons.  Every Saturday morning I packed up my pink ballet box, slipped on my leotard and trailed my mother downtown to the Brooklyn Academy of Music for class. I was the only black girl in the class but I didn’t care.  More formidable was the ballet master barking instructions, making me jump as I moved tentatively across the polished floor.  I don’t know that I was very good, but I do know that I loved to dance....more
@GloriaMalone So glad to hear from you!  I love that your daughter is pursuing something she ...more

From the Oscars to Fallon, Michelle Obama is Everywhere... And That's Just Fine!

Michelle Obama made a surprise visit to the Oscars Sunday night, reading the winner for Best Picture live via satellite from the White House. Surrounded by White House military social aides, Obama was glamorous as usual, sporting a Naeem Khan stunner as she read out the Best Picture winner, Argo. But before you could say, “And the winner is…” the critics were off....more
@ASwirlGirl  @Julie Ross Godar You better believe it!more

10 Moments to Watch for During the 2013 Academy Awards

Tonight's the night movie fangirls and fanboys wait for every year. You can keep your Golden Globes, your MTV Awards and your Critics Choice Awards of (insert city here), because tonight's the Big Kahuna:  The Academy Awards.Kind of like the finales of Downton Abbey, we bitch about them, we wail about them, we rip our hair out about them, but still we watch.  Still we watch....more
@Lisa Thomson Thanks Lisa!  Yeah, I like Joaquin too.  And at least he's not boring.  Jennifer ...more

"Zero Dark Thirty" and the New Female Face of the CIA

The film Zero Dark Thirty, which just received a total of five Oscar nominations (including Best Picture), tells the saga of the search for Osama bin Laden while shining a spotlight on the increasing role of women in the American espionage game. Although she was overlooked for directing honors this year, Kathryn Bigelow builds the film around Maya, played with understated skill by Best Actress nominee Jessica Chastain, a CIA analyst unerringly focused on the hunt for bin Laden....more