How to Judge Kindergarten Readiness

How do you judge kindergarten readiness?Judging kindergarten readiness is an important parenting issue that is more complex than chronological age or simply being able to recite letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Kindergarten readiness is a combination of a number of factors. Rarely will a child be completely ready or unready by the time they’re the age the school district will allow them to enroll. In fact, most kids will fall somewhere in between....more
We had some people suggest holding our son back (July birthday) because that's what they did ...more

Our Educational System is Failing, How Can We Help?

Last week I attended a screening of the documentary Race to Nowhere....more

Positive Discipline Potty Training

When it comes to positive discipline, advice on potty training, or toilet training, is painfully simple. Wait for your child to exhibit the signs, don’t push, don’t reward, and don’t praise. In fact, when it comes to potty training, we parents and caregivers can be our own biggest obstacle, trying to push, reward, praise and beg our way out of paying for (or cleaning) diapers. However, in the end, the child is ultimately in total and complete control....more