The Scent of Time's Passage


This Question Takes You a Step Closer to Your Most Authentic Self

One of the most important existential questions we ask ourselves as humans is "Who am I meant to be?" Being an overanalyzer, I've always had the tendency to think my way through things rather than act and engage....more

Can Halloween Be Any Scarier?

No More Routine Response


Remembering Ivy


Beware of the Hulk at Morning Drop Off


My Parenting Recipe Disaster

His words shocked me to the core and I stood trying to process what I just heard. How can something so trivial have such a piercing effect on me? I heard his verdict and I simply refused to believe it. I knew deep down he didn't mean any harm but I took serious offense and felt unsure if it was something I could recover from. "I think you put too much chicken meat in this. It's overpowering", my father spoke after he tasted the chicken soup straight from the boiling pot. Too much?! How can it be too much?...more

A Romantic's Guide to Meteor Showers

Ever since I can remember, I've always been fascinated by anything celestial. Outer space is simply a topic I can never grow tired of, so my excitement over news of meteor showers should not be a surprise to anyone who knows me. After all, I've been waiting to see one all my life. Growing up in the Philippines, I've never had the privilege of witnessing this celestial event....more

Building a Case for My Friendship With Taylor Swift

Today I've decided to come out. My husband has always thought it was pretty obvious but I was in denial for a long time. It's not because I've been completely ashamed but I've felt it was kind of inappropriate given my age and the stage in life I'm in....more