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Conference:  BlogHer '13 Track:  Interest and Identity About You Name:  Liz ODonnell URL: When I attended my first BlogHer in 2010, I thought I was in the minority, a blogger with a full-time job. I just assumed all the successful bloggers I read had the luxury of blogging all day, or at least while their kids were in school. But the reality is, I’m not alone. In fact, BlogHer women are 43 percent more likely than the total U.S. online population to be employed full time....more

When I first started blogging, I thought the same - no one else seems to work full time. Later, ... more

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Another Dancer Injured. What Up with These Worker's Comp Issues?

And we have one other serious topic to address! Can we talk? I think it's time. I've been sitting idly by, hoping that So You Think You Can Dance would solve its problems on its own, but clearly that's not happening. It's time for an intervention. Oh, no no no. I'm not talking about the rash of injuries on the show. First Alex, then Ashley, now Billy Bell. No. I'm talking about host Cat Deeley's wardrobe. Because every time she was on screen last night I simply could not stop myself. I had to say out loud: What. the. HELL???? ...more

Apparently Cat takes some pride in being her own stylist, so she's picking the dresses. I read ... more

Sarah Palin Makes Up "Refudiate," Compares Herself to Shakespeare and Other Linguistic News

Oh, Sarah Palin. Again? I thought that perhaps since you LEFT YOUR OFFICE in Alaska, you might drift off into oblivion. But no. Here in 2010, you are bigger than ever. Are you proud? Yes, Sarah Palin, wise sage that she is, has created a new word: refudiate. And boy did all heckamajeckle (I can make up words, too, right?) break loose. Especially after she compared herself to Shakespeare. ...more

It's cool to see you here at BlogHer, Blondie!


Lady M blogs at ... more

The $100 Question: What Would You Ask Stephenie Meyer? Tell Twilight Source.

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! ...more

How has your life changed most since your books have become so successful? ... more

Do Tell: Twilight vs. True Blood! Tell Us Which Vampire Series You Prefer to Win Both Sets of Books

It must be Vampire Season. Last month, Charlaine Harris released Dead in the Family, the tenth novel in Sookie Stackhouse series -- the basis for the series True Blood. ...more

Twilight was a guilty pleasure read, but the Sookie Stackhouse series is just a ... more

Interview: Autism Parent Jean Winegardner of Stimeyland

Jean Winegardner, a.k.a. Stimey, is a mother to three boys, one of whom -- Jack -- has an autism diagnosis. She is empathetic, endlessly entertaining, and a fine writer. Many autism parenting bloggers identify with Jean, and feel about her the way the younger sister felt about Julia Roberts' character in the movie Notting Hill -- that she is destined to be Our Very Best Friend. Though Jean shares herself and her stories at DC Metro Moms Blog and Washington Times Communities as well as on her personal site Stimeyland, I know some of you want more. Read on. ...more

Jean, you are so articulate, smart, and thoughtful.

Thanks for the great interview, ... more

The Pixie Cut: Why I Went Short (Would You?)

A few weeks ago I went to a salon, pulled my hair back in a ponytail and asked the hairdresser to cut it off. What she placed in my hand was 15 inches of my hair tied neatly in a yellow hairband. That hair is on its way to Locks of Love, an organization that provides hairpieces to economically disadvantaged children suffering from long term medical hair loss. A friend of mine grows her hair out the requisite 12 inches every couple of years and then cuts it off to donate, and I've always admired her for it....more

What a great cut - very stylish.

I got short hair this year too (longer than a pixie) and am ... more

It's Just a Cupcake: Only Store-Bought Treats in Schools?

Here are my daughter Marti Pearl's cupcakes. Twenty-four strawberry-on-strawberry with rainbow sprinkles, a job my very precious nearly-three-year-old took quite seriously, sprinkling three or four at a time, which left her adorable little hands color-speckled and sticky. She loves to bake, so much so that she asks to make cookies or cupcakes every. single. night. And she's great at it! For a child her age, she has an amazing understanding of what it takes to make the food we eat, and I'm so proud of that. ...more

I was talking to a mom who had a child going to a school district where only individually ... more

For the Love of LEGO

Show me a parent with a child between the ages of, oh, four and twelve, and I'll show you some LEGO bricks. Probably a lot of LEGO bricks, spread all over the floor, and stuck in the vacuum cleaner, and mating under the bed, and lying in wait in the dark to attack unsuspecting bare feet. ...more

this weekend to try to contain the LEGO-ness that is our house.  The little one has his ... more

Family Activities With School-aged Kids: Is She Bored, or Am I?

My kindergartner is interested in chapter books. She wants to go swimming and roller skating. She has the attention span required to sit through a play or movie. I'm shaking with anticipation. The problem? When she was just a wee tot, I had no expectation that my family time would be spent doing anything remotely interesting to me. I knew all of my colors and the entire alphabet, and anything she wanted to watch on television would inevitably make me want to stick a fork in my eye. I love my daughter, and I hate kid activities. ...more

is my camera.  I can last about 2 seconds on the playground before boredom sets in, but ... more