The Secrets and Magic of Being a Mother

Maybe you are a dude, a dad. Or possibly a lady wondering if this mothering thing is up your alley. Perhaps you are a mother, trying to figure out if your normal is actually normal, or if you should start pretending a little harder. I'm writing for you, all of you. But be warned: I'm on day eight of an eleven day stretch of single-parenting this ship. Not only that, but two -- yes two -- of my three man-children are down with fevers. I'm Xena Warrior Princessing this family currently and am under a little distress. ...more

Message Boards: Helpful or Harmful?

I used to work as a Substance Abuse Counselor and facilitated many many many group meetings where I saw shared experiences helping all the people present. There's no way to deny that support from people who have shared a common struggle can help each other. The flip side of that is: It can also make you act like a wussy whiny pants. Support Group-modeled message boards, friends. That's what I'm talking about today. ...more
I completely agree! Well said:)more

4-Year-Old Boy Expelled from School for Long Hair Intended for Donation

While most parents are pulling their own hair out trying to teach their four-year-old children to share, to be sympathetic to others, and to realize that there is a world outside of their own needs, one set of parents in New Jersey have had to explain to their child that he has been expelled from his private school due to his efforts to embrace these concepts. ...more

just guessing, but i bet he did. it's a dumb rule and a darn shame that a catholic (yes i'm one) ...more

So My Son Wanted to Get His Ears Pierced

In the spirit of always pushing my brain to new places, my six-year-old son, Roan, threw this one at me over breakfast a few days ago: "I'd like to get my ears pierced. Ok?" "Nope. You're too young. When you' you can choose to get that done." "Why?" "Because." "Why?" "Because I haven't had enough coffee yet, and cannot answer any more questions." ...more
Awesome compromise. I've had my ears pierced sine I was 3months old. I got a second ear piercing ...more

Marriage: Why Can't I Walk Away From Dumb Arguments?

I suppose I just have to wonder, in the sobering light of mid-morning, if there is such a thing as the ability to walk away from these dumb dumb arguments. While engaged in these, I know how stupid it all is, how meaningless and that there will not actually be a medals ceremony at the end of it all, with me walking away with a tiara and sash of righteousness. Yet I still give the argument my energy, I still hold a grudge. ...more

These sorts of arguments are never about the topic that is being discussed. In the argument that ...more

Dear Moms Who Try to Influence Their Kids' Tastes: I Will Judge You, But I Shouldn't

Recently when Roan and I were shopping for clothes I overheard a mother trying to shame her son out of buying a pink shirt.  She wasn't outright saying "NO," but she was saying in that sing-song voice that mothers use to hypnotize their children, "Ok ... if you think you'll feel ... comfortable in pink ... in front of your friends ... " and all I could do was finish the sentence in my head with that scene from Carrie where the mother says, "They're all gonna laugh at you.  They're all gonna laugh at you."  Cue the pig's blood, and I was outta there. ...more

We all judge other moms, and yet most of us are just trying to do our best. I try really hard ...more

City Kids vs. Suburban Kids

This vs. That.  Left vs. Right.  Gay vs. Straight.  Butter vs. Margarine.  Breeders vs. Ballers.  It would seem that we human beings are hard-wired to compare everything. ...more

We live downtown in a medium size city and I love it. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. We ...more

Too Soon to Be Left Alone?

I make really stupid decisions sometimes. The problem with me (or perhaps an amazing attribute) is that I'm great at justification, rationalization and twisting an idea just so to fit what I need. ...more

I read about it so much, how we need to let our kids be... but it's not so simple. My kids are ...more