Parenting Decisions, Feminism and the Stay-at-Home Mom

I have a few memories of being a little girl. In one, I am clinging to my mother's leg as she tries to leave me at daycare. I'm hysterical, and all I want is her softness, the smell of her hair in my hands. ...more
I struggle with this every day!  I just quit my job substitute teaching at a Juvenile Detention ...more

Blogging Creates a Space of One's Own

Over the past few weeks, it has occurred to me that my blog has become a very real space for me to inhabit. Now, when I'm in my car alone -- a rare occurrence -- I don't feel the same sense of freedom I used to feel. If I make my way through the supermarket or library without my children, I am content to have the moments to myself, but I don't feel as desperate for them. I crave them less often, and I think that's because I've found a portable space just for me. ...more

I will certainly check it out. What a great concept! I am raising an amazing daughter of my own. ...more