Tips for a Greener Halloween

“Green” Halloween is the hip way to celebrate our spookiest season. But what does that mean? At Big Green Purse, we focus on putting some “eco” in the EEK! See how, in the first of this two-part series on greening Halloween. ...more
@JessicaMarks Good idea. Actually, I've cut up a pumpkin I used as  jack o'lantern the day after ... more

Top 10 Eco-Ways to Keep Cool While the Planet Heats Up

 Do you love summer but hate the heat? Me, too, especially when it’s combined with the high humidity we have where I live in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Here’s how I’ve been keeping cool as 100+degree heat waves have rolled through town:...more

Diane MacEachern

The humidity in Washington, ... more

How to Shop for Eco-Friendly Clothes - Part 1: Read the Label

If we want our apparel to be "eco," most of us start by buying vintage or second-hand, swapping with friends or family, or dragging out the sewing machine to pul...more

Diane MacEachern


Thanks for letting ... more

BlogHer Food '10 - TICKET SWAP

Do you have a BlogHer Food '10 ticket that you can't use? Find someone to buy it from you here. Or if you need a ticket, say so - maybe someone can sell you one!

Holiday Buying: More Pressure Today Than 40 Years Ago?

Once upon a time there was a little girl whose only wish was for a Barbie Country Camper. This was 1971. For simplicity's sake, let's call the little girl Beth. Beth had seen the Barbie Country Camper in Saturday morning TV commercials, and she wanted her Barbies to have the fold-out picnic table, pop-out tent, sleeping bags, and camper kitchen. The Barbie Country Camper was the first and most important item in her long list of wants that she secretly wrote and mailed to Santa Claus. And for two weeks before Christmas, she dreamed about the Barbie Country Camper when she went to bed at night.Christmas Eve, she didn't even go to sleep at all. Butterflies danced in her stomach and Country Camper thoughts raced through her head. When Christmas morning finally arrived, she raced downstairs to find under the tree the Barbie Country Camper she'd been waiting for! She raced over to the Barbie Country Camper, grabbed it to her chest, and hugged it. And then she looked at the gift tag."To Fran, Love Santa"WTF? Okay, she didn't say WTF because there weren't text messages in 1971, and she wouldn't have known what F stood for anyway.  But still, WTF? ...more

A Greener BlogHer '09: Did you notice the eco-changes?

Did you notice that Blogher '09 was greener than ever this year? The Green Team put in a lot of work to ecofy the conference, despite the constraints of the event being in a huge hotel (the Sheraton's actually a part of the Chicago Green Hotels Initiative (PDF), though if the hotel's seriously interested in going green, the Green Team could make a lot of helpful suggestions!). ...more

BlogHer '09: We're listening. And here's what we're mulling over so far...

It's Day Three post-BlogHer '09, and we are in our full-on, annual Listen-Real-Hard mode here at BlogHer. Since Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins and I first plunked down our credit cards to reserve a space for the BlogHer 2005, we have asked for everyone's help to make it happen. To make it better. To make it a celebration of women who blog. ...more

Any other last minute person who need to share a room?

I'm lots of fun and laid back (so much so that I still need a roomie for BlogHer, lol).  I have a reservation at the Hyatt, which is 0.2 miles away and would love to split the cost with someone. You can contact me at Kathleen   ...more

Call for Authors - BlogHer 09

A Week in Review is on the back burner today so we can launch our Call for Authors! One of the amazing results of blogging is the opportunity to transform your blog into a book.  Whether it be self or agency published we have authors amongst us - and now we want to highlight you. If you are published and would like to have your book in our bookstore at BlogHer '09 please contact Elizabeth and she will assist you further. We will be accepting requests until May 31 so don't delay! ...more