Green Bloggers

A networking meetup for Green and Socially Conscious bloggers.  What strategies do we use for getting the message out?  What standards determine what products we will and won't promote?  How do we separate the "green" from the "greenwash"?  How do we run successful online campaigns to promote social and environmental change? And what distinguishes one green blog from another? Individually, we are a few voices in the Blogosphere, but together, we are a force to be reckoned with.  Let's have a Room of our Own!   ...more

How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Recycle Your Plastic, Glass, Paper and Metal?

Every other Monday the recycling pick-up truck barrels through my neighborhood. Most of the time I have a blue recycling bin full of various paper bags --each separately filled with glass, plastic, aluminum, and paper. For being a good citizen of the earth, the city of Minneapolis gives me a $7 credit on my waste management bill. Given the current status of recycling in the country,that recycling credit could soon become a recyling charge. The question is,how much are you willing to pay for recycling trash that no one wants to buy anymore? ...more

Announcing the BlogHer '09 Call for Ideas

While we're working on finalizing our BlogHer '09 venue contract, so we can announce that by the end of the month, I am happy to keep BlogHer '09 on your mind by announcing the Call for Ideas for BlogHer '09. If you're thinking this announcement seems earlier than last year, you are correct! We aim to have this Call for Ideas running for a month and to be able to announce at least a skeleton schedule before the end of the year! Question: Why a "Call for Ideas" and not a "Call for Speakers" or "Call for Proposals" or something like that? ...more

Decorating Green For Halloween - Simple, Cheap And Meaningful

I’ve never been known as the Martha Stewart type. Though I’ve dabbled in crafting all of my life, I’ve never really achieved anything close to perfection or even anything I would, ummm consider selling, I do like to craft and decorate and paint and all of those homey things. ...more

That's Not Nonsense, Its Environmental Policy

Okay, I have to be honest. I went in depth to research John McCain's environmental policy and was quickly thwarted by his website, which played a commercial over and over again until I wanted to throw my computer against a wall. I was swayed only by the fact that I need to keep the computer intact in order to get a tax credit. ...more

Can EcoLiving Be A Feminist Act?

I've often contemplated the ease with which I might blow off environmentalism: the convenience foods I might buy, the disposable plates which would banish the drudgery of dishwashing from my days, the time I could spend kicking my dogs up instead of making things as random as countertop spray, muffin mix, and edible play-dough from scratch. ...more

What's So Great About Hemp?

  Hemp is a touchy subject in this country. There’s an incorrect assumption that hemp and marijuana are the same thing. For the purpose of discussing hemp from an environmental perspective, let’s clear up some misinformation right off the bat. ...more

One Mom's Frugal Mission: Thirty Days Of Nothing

These are expensive times, and families are having to get creative in maximizing their resources. One blogger, Mary of Owlhaven, is a mom of ten kids committed to teaching her kids common-sense frugality by example. ...more

Clorox's new dish liquid avoids the carcinogen in many green products

A new greener than green dishwashing liquid's hit the green market. No, the cleaner doesn't contain phosphorus -- or bleach or phthalates or petrochemicals. Most impressively, this dishwashing liquid also avoids 1,4-dioxane -- a cancer-causing chemical that even well-respected green cleaning product companies have said can't be eliminated without without compromising product quality. ...more

Is tagless clothing causing chemical burns and skin rashes in children?

Does your baby or toddler suffer from red patches on the back of her neck?  Does your baby or toddler wear tagless clothing, such as Carter's onesies?  Are you stumped as to the cause? ...more