The $100 Question: Yvonne from Joy Unexpected Asks if Your Parents Are Your Facebook Friends

Welcome to The $100 Question, where your fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Yvonne from Joy Unexpected! ...more

NO! I don't think it is appropriate to "friend" your mom on Facebook. Your parents do not need ... more

Why You Should Rethink Your Boss's Friend Request

There have been well-publicized Twitter breakups, but Chelsea Taylor of the UK may be the first person to lose her job via social media. In a reverse Doocing, rather than being fired for something she wrote on her blog or a social media account, Taylor was fired via a message posted on her Facebook wall telling Taylor and all her friends (as well as their friends if they commented under the wall posting) that she was being let go for losing a ten dollar note. ...more


That is just plain tacky and unproffessional. I can only hope that her "manager" ... more