A Month of Side Dishes: Perfect Vegan, Gluten-Free Seven Layer Salad

December is BlogHer's Month of Side Dishes, and we want you to share your favorite side! Click here to see how to play along. And check out all the sides we're craving in the Month of Side Dishes series. ...more

Fashion Challenged? Get to Know Your Personal Style

I confess, sometimes I’ve watched fashion make-overs on TV or seen them in magazines and I’ve secretly wished I could be one of those people.The problem is, I worry that would mean giving up my comfy yoga pants and t-shirts. I usually console my disheveled self by saying looks shouldn’t matter anyway. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? I mean, what was it that our moms always told us? “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”...more

Tips to Build your Blog Community

This article is an annotated version of the article Managing Your Blog By Walking Around (MYBBWA) first published on Technorati....more

Making Peace with Tomatoes

I hate raw tomatoes. Always have.And I hate it that I hate tomatoes because it’s made my life so complicated. I mean, what vegan doesn’t like raw tomatoes?...more

Isn't that so difficult? How do you know when it's important to change and when it's important ...more

Burnt Cookies

Nobody sets out to make burnt cookies, but sometimes we learn more from life's failures than successes. ...more

I completely agree. Thanks for your comment!



What's in a Name? Apparently a Lot

My Love for M&Ms Could be Linked to My Name: How a Name Influences a Life

I'm vegan now so I no  longer eat them, but I still have this preoccupation with M&Ms. I wrote a post on Namely Marly that suggested there may be a little self infatuation involved. You see, M&Ms share my initials. Come to find out, there may be more to names than we previously knew. This news is thanks to four recent studies on names linking the relationship people have with their names....more

Hopes of Immortality: Henrietta Lacks

How inspiring to know that you could leave behind a legacy of healing for so many others. It is ...more

Remembering My Every Day Mom

I have memories like snapshots of fun times with my mom. But it's those every day sort of events that have been a little fuzzy for me....more

Barbaric Old Sayings about Animals: They're for the Birds!

I’m vegan. So is my husband and my daughter. I realize this makes us a little different than the average person. I don’t know what the exact numbers are, but I assume vegans make up a fairly small percentage of the overall population. Sometimes when you’re part of a small demographic, you have a tendency to look at things differently. This is the case for me and old sayings....more