My Video Recap of #BlogHer13

  My recent trip to Chicago for the BlogHer ’13 conference still feels like a big blur to me.Since I posted about my trip back to Maine from Chicago over social media, many people have noted that they “can’t wait to hear all about it.”...more
@Denise Thanks, Denise!more

The Definitive Guide to Packing for #BlogHer13

OK, so the title of this blog post might be a bit presumptuous.Does going to my very first BlogHer conference last year in New York make me an expert on packing for the event?Probably not. But I’m a practical girl, and I thought I’d throw my advice out into the blogosphere as we get closer to the big event in Chicago.You know, because there aren’t any other bloggers writing about BlogHer ’13 right now....more
@NurseBarb Thanks, Barb. Unfortunately, I won't be participating in the HealthMinder Day. Hope ...more

The Worst Egg Decorating Kit on the Planet

About this time, it dawns on my family that Easter is around the corner. If it weren’t for tax season, we might notice it’s pending arrival sooner.Usually my husband or I (typically not both) remember to actually buy an egg decorating kit before it’s too late.This past weekend, my husband remembered Easter and purchased this egg decorating  kit....more

What to Do If You Wash Your iPhone on Laundry Day

Friday is my day to do laundry. Exciting, I know. Well, last Friday I ended up washing my iPhone with my laundry. It went through an entire permanent press cycle.And you know what? In less than a week, the darn thing started working again. This result is both good and bad. Good because, well, the darn thing works again. That’s a good thing, right? Bad because I already got brand new white iPhone 4S....more
I heart my #iphone.  especially with all the food photos,email, texting. apps, and internet ...more

Blog Writing Tips for Identifying and Avoiding Common Grammatical Errors

I was honored to be a speaker at BlogHer ’12 in New York a couple weeks ago. I was asked to lead two 30-minute grammar clinics in The Writing Lab. The topic was How to Identify and Avoid Common Errors....more

Prepping for BlogHer ’12 (I’m speaking!): What are your most burning grammar questions?

So, I found out last week that I am going to be speaking at BlogHer ’12! I am so excited....more
I am looking forward to this session. I suck at grammar. I did catch your errors above, so I ...more

Yes, you can.

We hate the word “can’t” in our house.Any time we hear it coming from our boys, my husband and I tell them that it’s not that they “can’t” do something, they just might need a little help with it. They can do anything....more

Prepping for BlogHer ’12: stickers!

My sticker from!I’ll be in New York for BlogHer ’12 in one month. One freaking month!...more

Teaching Left-Handed Children How to Write

My handy Left’s Hander’s Desk Calendar noted the Handedness Research Institute the other day....more
@sassymonkey I personally do not do the curl, but I've seen it a lot amongst my peeps.more

Letting go

My oldest son, G, came down to s...more