Do You Understand Emotional Intelligence?

Ever since Daniel Goleman wrote Emotional Intelligence, we have heard that phrase a lot, but perhaps you never heard it explained. Emotional intelligence is a valuable skill, because it means you know how to work with all kinds of people, understand them and get along with them....more

Dr. Romance asks: Are you addicted to your smart phone?

Recently, clients have been coming in to Dr. Romance's office with questions about their cell phone use: either it is creating a problem in their relationship, or with getting work done, or even health problems.  Here's how to tell if you have cell phone addiction; and what to do about it....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Should I give up on her?

Dear Dr. RomanceA question for you: I have a female friend that I dated for 7 months - she dumped me - and is, I think, dating some other guy.The question is: I have tried to ask her for 5 or 6 different events - and have gotten turned down for each one - with some excuse - the excuse sounds good - but I think its just that an excuse. So, the other day Ipoint blank asked her -  do you want me to stop asking you out - and be honest" . Her reply was "NO"....more

Dear Dr. Romance: What is being a therapist like?

Q & A with a Dr. Romance reader:Q: I would like your advice and input. I have been working in business for 12 years as a CPA and have recently been quite  frustrated with it. Recently I did some career/interests/aptitude testing and found that the work I do now is pretty much what I am LEAST suited for! Lots of psychic energy spent being successful in this career.A: Yes, I was an accountant for 15 years, so I understand. It didn't make me happy, either....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I am a substance abuse counselor

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

Turning Poison Into Medicine

The revered Sufi poet, Rumi, wrote: “We turn poison into medicine and our sorrows into blessings” ...more